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Since Look After My Bills launched in January 2018, we’ve only had one aim - Help people save money on their energy bills!

What first began as an idea between two university friends has now become the largest auto-switching service in the UK, with over 500,000 members signed up to our FREE service!

Switching your energy bills. We all know how long the process is. Exit fees. Unit rates. Meter types.

So many complicated words and jargon that mean sometimes you can’t tell the difference between a meter reading and an annual consumption.

This is why Henry and Will started Look After My Bills!

look after my bills

In the words of Tej Lalvani from Dragons’ Den ‘It’s great when a company answers an age-old problem.’

It was clear there needed to be change and the response to autoswitching has been phenomenal, our growth certainly shows that!


From hitting 100,000 customers in December 2018, we’ve continued to grow at an exciting rate, hitting the 500,000 members milestone despite being in lockdown!

Working from home? No problem!

The recent events which caused a national lockdown and meant our staff had to work from home hasn’t stopped our great service!


Whether that’s signing up new customers over the phone or replying back to our member queries via email!

Our team has continued to deliver amazing savings and the excellent service that customers are accustomed to, all from their home working environments!

Our members!

Jonathan S v1

Jonathan – I have greatly benefitted from using the service of look after my bills. They have made the process of switching between gas and electricity suppliers very easy indeed. On average I have saved around £270 a year, and they have done all the work for me. The switch each year has been painless and easy for me, and it has put more money into my pocket. What is there not to like?!”

Oliver –

As a techie myself I’m a key believer in simplicity and automation. Using Look After My Bills was a “hassle-free” experience, I’ve saved £214 and should have done this years ago! – Communication is key and Look After My Bills were spot on! I’ll will be recommending friends and fam!

Ella D v1

Ella – 

Look After My Bills couldn’t make things any easier if they tried. I first used their service a year ago and having used another similar company, my hopes and expectations weren’t high. 

However, they have done everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Not only do they take care of all the tiniest details in switching, comparing and communicating, but they also signed me up to an Electric and Gas provider who were equally as lovely. They’ve saved me in excess of £200 this past year and quite frankly, now, I couldn’t imagine life without them!

Our Savings !

Since our service was launched back in 2018, we’ve saved our members a whopping £118 million in total on their energy bills!

That’s the purpose of our free service – to put money back into our members pockets’, instead of staying with the top dogs of the energy suppliers.

Our biggest saving was a smashing £17,495.50! Think of what you could buy with that amount!

Dan used the savings Look After My Bills got him to buy a hot tub!

A great purchase, especially whilst in lockdown!

I promise we’re not jealous!

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Nearly 2 years since the duel with the Dragons…

Time flies when you’re saving people loads of money on their energy bills!

It’s crazy to think that next month will be 2 years since Look After My Bills’ appearance on Dragons Den, which not only resulted in getting investment from 2 dragons, but also meant we got the best EVER deal in the history of the show!


Jenny Campbell -

'I thought wow, this is just brilliant. Then all 5 dragons made a bid for the business. That also told me this was going to be a great investment’

How's our reviews looking?

We love hearing back from our members about their experience with our service, as it motivates us to help more and more people around the UK save money!

So many kind words… ! My personal favourite is the review from Twitter – great GIF work and creativity from another happy member! 

Join the revolution!

Auto switching was designed to take away the hassle and effort of switching every year and making sure you are on the best deals possible.

Despite our service being around for just over 2 years, there are still loads of people around the country who are overpaying on their bills and stuck on the standard tariff – which is most expensive deal suppliers have!

Since 2018, we’ve saved our members over £118 million! But we only want to save our members more!

Help spread the word about our service to your friends and family, and not only will you help to ensure more people pay a fair price for their energy, but we’ll also chuck in a £20 gift-card, for both parties!