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most popular autoswitching service

Since we launched in January 2018 we’ve been working our socks off to ensure people don’t overpay on their energy! We’ve grown very quickly and we’re helping more and more people outsource the hassle of switching their energy. 

For a long time we’ve known people were feeling frustrated with energy suppliers. The comparison website model looked great on the surface but wasn’t actually helping because 70% of people were still on standard variable tariffs – the most expensive! 

In the words of Tej from Dragons’ Den ‘It’s great when a company answers an age-old problem.’ It was clear there needed to be change and the response to autoswitching has been phenomenal, our growth certainly shows that!

We now have over 100,000 members!!! (We’ve been growing so fast that at the time of writing this blog we actually have over 130,000 members!)

From helping 1,123 members back in January 2018 to helping over 100,000 members today. We’re really proud to be exposing the loyalty tax and saving people money on their energy bills. 

So much so we went all out and bought some balloons to celebrate! Now, let me tell you something… helium balloons are harder to pose with than you think! That pesky number 1 kept floating away.

Look After My Bills Team
We may have gotten a little carried away with taking photos!

Having helped so many people is a very proud moment for us! We celebrated by popping open the bubbly and singing karaoke until the early hours of the morning. An unexpected boy band even emerged out of our team too! Singing everything from Complicated by Avril Lavigne to Barbie Girl by Aqua! 

But this celebration isn’t about us, it’s about the 100,000 members we’re switching away from overpaying. We love helping people and it’s your comments that really put a spring in our step day to day! So who have we helped?

Switched with Look After My Bills

LAMB customer Jonathan

Jonathan, 55, is a local business owner in Edinburgh, who set up The Edinburgh Watch Company four and a half years ago.

A loyal customer, Jonathan had been with Npower for 7 years. His bills started off at £250 but they gradually crept up “I just accepted that I have a family of four. We all leave the lights on and use too much gas. It was when it had gone up to 450 a month that I thought I must do something about it.”

Jonathan tried to give his supplier a chance to offer him a better deal. “I always approach companies to say I’m thinking of changing, but Npower said I was on their best tariff and there wasn’t anything they could do.”

Jonathan first saw Look After My Bills pitching on Dragons Den and being in business himself, he followed the success of the journey. After being disappointed that his supplier couldn’t offer him a cheaper deal. Jonathan decided to try our ‘small, innovative, personal company’. “Once I signed up the communication that came though after was friendly, informative, it told us what you’re going to be doing, roughly when you’re going to do it, when I should expect to hear from you.”

Jonathan saved £925.30 by automatically switching from Npower’s standard tariff to a fixed deal with E.On.

LAMB customer Jayne

Jayne, 59, from Yorkshire, never had the time to use a comparison website.

Jayne had been with Scottish Power for four years after they turned up at the door and sold her a deal. Since then she hasn’t switched her energy, “I knew I should do something when the deal came to an end but life just got in the way”.

In March, Jayne signed up and thinks the service is great “I don’t have to do anything, someone else is taking control on my behalf. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

What made Jayne the happiest about joining Look After My Bills? “The email saying my bills will be £370 cheaper – that’s two flights to spain! Everyone’s got have gas and electricity but there’s money you can spend on something more interesting.” 

£370 saving

Jayne saved: £370.88 by switching from Scottish Power’s standard tariff to a fixed deal with isupply.

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Our members

Where are our members living?

Our members live across 119 postcode areas in total. Correlating with the UK population statistics, London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Bristol all feature in the top 5 most populated UK cities and in our top 5 too.

London is the most populated city in Britain, it’s estimated that a whopping 8.7 million people live here. So it’s no surprise that it’s the top postcode for where our members live.

Customer regions

How many of our members left the Big Six? 

A whopping 53,607 people came to us from the Big Six – that’s 61% of our members. Of those, 19,457 people were on the Big Six’s most expensive tariffs. That’s a lot of people overpaying by hundreds of pounds!

How old are our members? 

From teenagers to pensioners, our service is helping everyone. We currently have 147 members that are 18 years – they’re our youngest members. Our most populated age category is the 45-54 age group but despite taking the top spot, the top 3 ages of our members are 37, 38 & 39. We also have some impressively tech savvy members in the 85+ age group including 3 people who are 100 years old! 

User ages

What’s the most we’ve saved someone? 

The biggest saving one of our members made was a massive £2023.53!

Check out our top ten lucky members:

What are our members saying? 

We absolutely love hearing about our customers experiences, we often share Trustpilot reviews like this around the team.

This comment on Facebook by John is a personal favourite of mine.

We’ve also had a fair share of misunderstandings too! Like this message that was sent recently.

Confused customer

We don’t sell airpods. Or anything actually! We hope they found their airpods!

Help us stop people getting ripped off 

Once you learn about autoswitching it can seem like it’s been around for a while however it’s still relatively new to the market – it’s been around for just a little over a year. Awareness is increasing and energy bills are decreasing (among our members anyway!) and it’s all thanks to you for talking about energy switching! 

Since we launched we have saved the British public £15.3 million on their energy bills and we have moved £103 million in energy custom – that’s how much the British public would have been paying if they hadn’t switched!

Although we’ve helped a lot of people there are at least 11 million people still on the standard variable tariffs. And there is an estimated £2 billion of savings still to be claimed by brits. So this year we’re on a mission to help even more people pay a fair price for their energy.

To help us spread the word, refer a friend! And to say thank you we’ll give you both £20!