Our Mission

Our mission

We’re on a mission to make sorting your bills easy, fair and straightforward.

Just over three years ago, our co-founders Will and Henry were fed up of being ripped off on their energy but equally, could never find the time to switch suppliers. What they soon realised was that there were a lot more people in the same boat. In fact, 8 million homes in the UK have been with the same supplier for more than 3 years and are therefore on the most expensive energy tariffs.

As a result the two of them set about building a collective of energy consumers. They negotiated directly with suppliers, to get special deals just for collective members. What came to be known as the Big Deal has now grown into a 500,000 strong membership, saving over £110 million for our members. 

Now, our new service Look After My Bills is the next stage in that journey. Here’s why we believe it’s an even smarter way to do your bills.

time-saving mission

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Sorting your energy bills takes up way too much time and well, energy. Scrambling around for your last bill, trawling through quote after quote, as well as having to grapple with bewildering terms – it’s pretty much the last thing you want to be doing with your time.

Look After My Bills takes the hassle away. We do the hard work, chatting with suppliers and finding you a great deal. When that deal runs out, we switch you again – it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to lift a finger or even give it a second thought!


Auto-switching mission


The energy industry is severely lacking in the trust department. Not nearly enough of us believe that our energy supplier is working in our interests. With every inflation busting price rise and confusing energy jargon thrown at us, there’s still a pervasive sense of distrust among customers.

We feel it doesn’t have to be this way. Trust at the heart of what we do. We only negotiate with trusted suppliers and make sure their service is always first class. Look After My Bills takes the stress of sorting bills off your shoulders. We’ll always be fighting your corner.


Money saving mission


It’s the worst feeling opening up your energy bill to find you’re paying more than you thought. Energy bills are also a confusing business and sometimes deliberately so, so it’s not surprising that at times we end up seeing our bills go up and our wallets squeezed. 

In conclusion we aim to put your mind at ease. We always let you know who you’re switching to and how much you’ll save. So you’re always in control of your cash. Plus there’s no obligation with us – you can opt out at any point. Our friendly team is always on hand should you need advice or guidance.