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4 ways to switch energy supplier

You can find the cheapest energy deals on the market by looking at fixed term deals. These tariffs usually last for one year. The trouble is our suppliers roll us on to their most expensive tariff if we don’t switch when these deals comes to an end. Here are 4

Cheap Energy Club vs LAMB

Cheap Energy Club vs Look After My Bills

The concept of finding the cheapest energy supplier seems straight forward. You can contact your supplier direct, compare deals on comparison sites, sign up to email reminders like the Cheap Energy Club or switch through a service that does it all for you.  Yet 1 in 2 people are on

price rises

Unexpected consequences of the price cap

The energy price cap was first introduced as a way of protecting the most vulnerable customers from being ripped off. Far, far too many people have been overpaying for their energy bills (still an estimated 11 million) and no one is under any illusion that the energy market is fair

Energy bills rising in June

Our research has found that 112 fixed energy contracts are coming to an end on the 30th of June 2019. This means that hundreds of thousands of people will roll on to their supplier’s default tariff, which is normally the most expensive. Suppliers can also shift their customers on to their rollover

Energy contracts expiring – June 2019

Our research has found that 112 fixed energy contracts are coming to an end on the 30th of June 2019. If you don’t switch away from this tariff, it’s likely you will be rolled on to your supplier’s default tariff. Energy bills rising in June by an average of £168 for

Which energy companies are doing smart meters?

The smart meter rollout is well underway and a greater number of energy suppliers are offering up installations. But it can be quite confusing knowing exactly what you are in for when you sign up to receive a smart meter. It varies depending on where you live, who supplies your