£150 rebate tip, Clubcard v Nectar, new base rate

Big news today as the Bank of England raises the base rate to its highest level in 13 years. We’ve got everything you need to know about that as well as updates on how to get the £150 council tax rebate if you haven’t had it yet, exactly who is eligible for the £400 energy grant and much more in today’s newsletter…


£150 council tax rebate: how and when will you get yours if you don't pay by direct debit?
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Those who pay by direct debit will have started to receive their council tax rebates, but if you are still waiting, or if you don’t pay by direct debit and aren’t sure how to proceed, check out The Money Edit’s updated guide to see what you should do next.
The Money Edit’s council tax rebate explainer.

Updated: Who will get the £400 energy grant and when?
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Following on from the Chancellor’s recent announcement of a £15 billion cost of living support package, The Money Edit has updated its guide on who will get the recently announced £400 energy grant and when – including what happens if you pay an ‘all-inclusive rent’, to your landlord.
Check out The Money Edit’s updated explainer.

Interest rates rise to highest level in 13 years - what does this mean for your mortgage and savings?
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The Bank of England has raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points to 1.25%. Check out The Money Edit’s analysis of the rate rise.

Warning for Advantage Card holders - act now to keep hold of your points
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Not used your Boots Advantage Card in more than a year? You could be at risk of losing any points on your card. Check out Good To’s warning and what you need to do to hold on to your points – but you’ll need to act fast.
Good To’s Advantage Card warning

Going on holiday? Get travel insurance as soon as you've booked - policies from under £10 for a single trip
If this sunny weather makes you want to book a holiday abroad, it is essential you get travel insurance in place as soon as you book so you are covered if you need to cancel as you’re only protected if you have insurance in place when the event happened that caused you to cancel, such as redundancy, illness or a bereavement.

Most travel insurance companies will provide cover for flight delays, medical expenses, repatriation as well as cover for your luggage and belongings should they be lost, stolen or damaged.

Whether you are looking for cover for a single trip, or annual cover for multiple jaunts in one year, find quotes for travel insurance with our friends at GoCompare.

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New. Tesco, Sainsbury's or Waitrose - which supermarket's loyalty card offers the best perks?
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Supermarket loyalty cards could help families fight back against rising food prices. Good To analyses the top supermarket loyalty cards available and compares the perks available, as well as highlighting which other loyalty schemes are worth getting in on.
Good To’s loyalty card explainer
Bitcoin has crashed again - but how much further could it fall?
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Bitcoin is having a tough time right now, along with the wider cryptocurrency sector – but just how bad could it get? MoneyWeek’s crypto commentator Dominic Frisby examines the crash and predicts what might happen next.
MoneyWeek’s bitcoin crash analysis
You spent £287 at Sainsbury’s last month
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Get 30% off smart lighting in the Philips Hue summer sale
(Phillips Hue)
Smart appliances that you can control from your phone can help to reduce wasted energy – crucial at a time when energy bills are so high. If you’re trying to make your home smarter, check out the Philips Hue summer sale where you can get 30% off smart bulbs, switches, plugs and more
T3 rounds up the Philips Hue deals available right now
Date of first instalment of £650 cost of living payment for low-income households confirmed
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In some good news this week, the government has confirmed when qualifying low-income households should receive the first instalment of the £650 cost of living help. Find out if you’re eligible and when you can expect the payment.
The Money Edit’s cost of living payment explainer
Did you miss it? Best cash Isas - up to 1.31% easy access and 2.35% fixed
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Whether you want to be able to access your savings whenever you want, or are happy to let your money sit to bag a higher rate of interest, these are the best cash Isas available right now.
Check out The Money Edit’s cash Isa round up
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