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Dragon Jenny Campbell: Why I Invested in Look After My Bills

Jenny Campbell reflects on negotiating the best deal in the history of Dragons’ Den! Look After My Bills recently passed 130,000 members so I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on why I invested in the entrepreneurs. In this post I share my perspective on the entrepreneurs, their product,

Look After My Bills Team

We’re the MOST popular autoswitching service with 100,000 Members!

Since we launched in January 2018 we’ve been working our socks off to ensure people don’t overpay on their energy! We’ve grown very quickly and we’re helping more and more people outsource the hassle of switching their energy. For a long time we’ve known people were feeling frustrated with energy

Who is the best energy supplier for you?

The best energy supplier can depend on a few things. How much energy you use, the region that you live in, wholesale energy costs and the time that you are looking. Usage Usage has been classified into low, medium and high by Ofgem, the energy regulator. They calculate these figures from

Energy price cap adds £1.1 billion to people’s bills

This week, Ofgem, the energy regulator is reviewing the price cap. It’s widely expected that the price cap level – currently at £1,137 – will increase by around £100. Our new research shows that this will add a huge £1.1 billion to people’s energy bills. Why is the price cap going

money saving light bulbs

Light bulbs – how to save £199 a year

Light bulbs. You can save money on your electricity bill just by changing the light bulbs you use. Traditional light bulbs are not very energy efficient and if you still have them you’ll be paying more for your lighting than your need to!   By replacing 10 regular light bulbs

price cap

Post energy price cap deals – don’t fall for them!

Speculation has long been brewing around what the fall-out would be when the energy price cap finally came in earlier this month. The energy price cap is the threshold at which an energy supplier can set their standard variable tariff. This is currently no higher than £1137. You can read