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Job Opportunity: Product Manager

Location: London Salary: £35k Look After My Bills is an exciting addition to the UK energy market and is designed around the customer, for the customer. Our service keeps customers on great energy deals year in, year out. We’ve had fantastic growth in the past couple of years and we’re planning

Refer a Friend – Get £20 + Give £20

It’s always exciting for us to hear that a new member has been told about our service by a friend or relative of theirs. Word of mouth is hugely important to making us known and to get more people saving on their bills. That’s why we felt inspired to say

What to do in a power cut – a guide

Last week we blogged about everything you need to know about meter readings. And continuing Look After My Bills’s trend of helpful blog posts, here’s the latest entry, What to do in a power cut. It’s happened to us hasn’t it? You’ve been watching a very exciting TV programme and thunk

Dial meter readings

Meter readings – everything you need to know

Exciting as they sound, meter readings are nonetheless essential to ensuring you pay the right amount for your energy. In this article we’ll explain what meter readings are, why you need to give them and how to read your meter!   What are meter readings? Meter readings are simply a

what is Auto-switching image

What is energy auto-switching?

Auto-switching (also known as automatic switching) is the simplest way to save money on your energy every year. It’s the modern way to do bills without the headache and hassle of comparison sites. It’s the ‘why didn’t we do this before?’ moment we’ve been waiting for in energy switching. Auto-switching

Our top 10 winter energy-saving tips

Our members tell us that Look After My Bills gives them peace of mind knowing they’re saving money on their energy year on year. Nonetheless, some nifty tips for saving extra energy during winter can never go amiss. We’re not talking the cop-out ‘put another jumper on’ solutions, or splashing