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Energy price cap adds £1.1 billion to people’s bills

This week, Ofgem, the energy regulator is reviewing the price cap. It’s widely expected that the price cap level – currently at £1,137 – will increase by around £100. Our new research shows that this will add a huge £1.1 billion to people’s energy bills.   Why is the price cap going up?   The price […]

WeFlip. Flip your energy. What the flip is it?

WeFlip auto switching comparison

WeFlip. Flipping. Flipper. You might be hearing these phrases more recently. But what actually is flipping and WeFlip? Fundamentally an energy ‘flip’ or  energy ‘flipping’ is just a rather flippant (forgive the pun!) new term for energy switching. Or more specifically auto-switching.   Who are WeFlip, Flipper and Look After My Bills? Auto-switching services, like […]

WOW what a year!

A lot has happened in 2018 for Look After My Bills… we’ve seen incredible growth, secured investments from Y Combinator and Dragons’ Den, had one of our customers aired on ITV news and… most importantly… we’ve saved people a lot of money! In January we had a team of just seven and zero customers. Now […]

Dragons’ Den – The Best Deal EVER

Dragons’ Den. A room where five multi-millionaires are willing to invest their own cash into the companies of courageous entrepreneurs. Here’s what happened when Look After My Bills Co-Founders Henry de Zoete and Will Hodson made their debut appearance on the television show in August 2018. Pitching their money saving, free service that stops people […]