Cheap Energy Club vs Look After My Bills

Cheap Energy Club vs LAMB

The concept of finding the cheapest energy supplier seems straight forward. You can contact your supplier direct, compare deals on comparison sites, sign up to email reminders like the Cheap Energy Club or switch through a service that does it all for you. 

Yet 1 in 2 people are on the most expensive tariffs because they don’t switch. Too much choice is stressful and as a result we’re in a state of choice paralysis. This is the worst case scenario because when you’re rolled onto the expensive tariffs, you pay hundreds of pounds more each year.

Look After My Bills has found that when you eliminate the deals with sneaky small print, there’s often not much difference between great deals and the suppliers who offer them.

We take a look at two different types of services that help get you back in control of your energy bills. We’re comparing email subscription service The Cheap Energy Club and our auto-switching service Look After My Bills.

 Cheap Energy ClubLook After My Bills
Free ServiceYESYES
UK based call centreNOYES
Energy deals chosen for youNOYES
Prevents you from rolling onto expensive tariffsNOYES

What is the Cheap Energy Club?

The Cheap Energy Club is a free email subscription service that emails you when your current energy deal is about to end. The email includes their top picks plus a full list of deals that can be narrowed down with filters. 

You can also tell the Cheap Energy Club what amount of money you want to switch for and they’ll only email you when you can save that amount.

If you miss the email the service doesn’t automatically prevent you from rolling onto expensive tariffs.

What is Look After My Bills?

Look After My Bills is a free auto-switching service that switches you to the best available energy deal each time your deal is about to expire. You don’t have to compare energy deals because we do it for you. 

After your first switch we only switch you again if we can save you £50 for direct debit and £15 for prepay. Look After My Bills emails you at each stage of the process so you’re always kept up to date.

The service automatically prevents you from rolling onto the most expensive tariffs by organising the next switch at the right time.

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Choosing energy deals

The Cheap Energy Club is whole of market and shows deals from suppliers they directly switch to and those they don’t. If you choose a deal they don’t directly switch to then you proceed on the suppliers’ website. Afterwards you’ll need to update your new energy tariff on the Cheap Energy Club.

Look After My Bills switches members to the cheapest energy deal that meets our customer experience standards. Along with meeting new suppliers to understand how they operate, we use citizens advice supplier reviews to inform who we work with. We’ve found there’s not much cost difference between the best deals on the market, but there can be a big difference between customer service.

Which has the best customer service?

The Cheap Energy Club are active on Twitter and provide an email address for people who have queries. However they doesn’t seem to have a call centre and we couldn’t find their phone number. 

Whereas Look After My Bills has a dedicated customer service team that you can contact via email ([email protected]), phone, FacebookTwitter and even Instagram. We’re also proud to say we have a 5/5 star rating on Trustpilot.

The Cheap Energy Club or Look After My Bills?

Well firstly, using either is better than staying on your suppliers most expensive tariff!

The Cheap Energy Club will give you lots of options to choose from but this also means you’ll have to spend time choosing another deal each time your deal ends. Look After My Bills on the other hand will choose the cheapest deal from our panel of trusted suppliers every time your deal comes to an end. 

The main difference between the Cheap Energy Club and Look After My Bills is that you won’t be rolled onto expensive tariffs with Look After My Bills, while The Cheap Energy Club requires a bit more effort and regular attention to avoid rolling onto the most expensive tariffs.

If you want to find out more about auto-switching take a look at how it works.

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