Energy bills rising in June

Our research has found that 112 fixed energy contracts are coming to an end on the 30th of June 2019.

This means that hundreds of thousands of people will roll on to their supplier’s default tariff, which is normally the most expensive. Suppliers can also shift their customers on to their rollover tariff, but this is less common. Either way switching to another deal will save you a price hike.

This month there is an average jump in price of £168.

The worst culprit is Shell Energy with energy bills rising by an average of £347 a year!

We expose the worst bill jumps every month. In April, BBC Breakfast discussed our findings and asked our co-founder, Henry, to speak about the loyalty tax.

BBC News Price Rises

Who is affected?

Big Six suppliers British Gas, E.ON, EDF, npower and Scottish Power all have tariffs ending.

We have estimated hundreds of thousands of people will be on these tariffs.

The top 10 biggest price jumps

Supplier NameTariff NameCost (£)DefaultIncrease (£)Increase (%)
Shell EnergySmart First June 2019 Online – Paperless907125434738
Shell EnergySmart First June 2019 Online931125432335
Flow EnergyFlow Marigold July 2019944125330933
Flow EnergyFlow Daisy July 2019947125330532
npowerOnline Broker Fix June 2019963125429230
Flow EnergyFlow Marigold July 2019 Green976125327628
Flow EnergyFlow Daisy July 2019 Green980125327328
Shell EnergyFirst Fixed June 2019 v2 plus – Paperless984125427027
PFP EnergyTogether – June 2019 – fixed 74988124225426
Shell EnergyFirst Fixed June 2019 v4 – Paperless1006125424825

Note: Figures updated as of the 1st July 2019

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The benefits of auto-switching

It makes little sense to us that a small group of people get a good deal while most people pay extortionate rates for their energy.

Unfortunately, we know that the vast majority are not confident switchers and end up paying over the odds on their bills as a result.

And even if you switch once, you can’t be expected to keep on top of it every 12 months for every contract and every utility (broadband, TV, insurance) you use.

With auto-switching, what we try our best to overcome all the main bugbears people have with saving on their energy bills.

We reward loyalty with our service. We switch you every year to a great energy deal so you never have to worry about paying the loyalty penalty.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up, you get a quote before you complete the switch, and our customer service team are on hand if you have any questions. You can call our friendly support team on 020 3950 1166 (we’re open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday), or email us at [email protected]

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Price rises

In April Ofgem raised the maximum limit at which an energy company can set their standard tariff.

This is known as the energy price cap, a government scheme to try and safeguard people overpaying on their energy bills.

In January, it was up to £1137 and since April 1st it has been raised to £1254.

Unfortunately, many suppliers do not see this as an absolute limit but rather a target to aim for.

Many suppliers have increased the cost of their default tariff meaning when your cheap deal comes to an end, you will encounter an even bigger price rise from your supplier.