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With the long bank holiday upon us, we’ve a host of ways to save whether you’re going away, spending time with the kids or just have some time off to sort your finances. So without further ado…
Gulp. More energy price hikes predicted, should you fix your tariff?
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It’s a big question. With prices predicted to rise again when the price cap changes in October, could you beat the cap by fixing your energy tariff right now? We have the answer.
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15 surprising ways to spend Clubcard vouchers - from theme parks to cinema passes to meals out
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Planning days out can prove expensive, but luckily, the team at Good To have found multiple ways you can use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get money off a host of activities.
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At the end of your broadband contract? Get 10Mb for £18.95/month, plus a £75 reward card
It’s estimated 37% of people have never switched broadband providers. With prices having gone up by up to £56 per year (depending on your provider), if you’re coming to the end of your contract, now is the time to switch.

Use GoCompare’s broadband comparison chart to find the best broadband deal for you. We’ve included some great deals we’ve spotted below (all links go to GoCompare’s broadband comparison table):

Plusnet | 10Mb | £18.95/month and get a £75 reward card 
Shell Energy Broadband | 38Mb | £21.99/month
Shell Energy Broadband | 71Mb | £23.99/ month and get a £50 bill credit

Use the filters on the comparison table to find the deals above. 

Use GoCompare’s broadband comparison tool.
How to watch The West Wing, Nashville, Dawson's Creek (and more) for free
If you’re looking for something to watch while you’ve time on your hands this weekend, or are looking to save money on streaming in general, try switching to one of these great options that will cost you nothing. T3 highlights the best options.
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Find the cheapest fuel - great if you're travelling this weekend
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Use this new tool from GoCompare to find the cheapest fuel near you, which is vital with prices so high. Unlike some other petrol and diesel price checkers, there is no need to register so it only takes seconds to use and you can even filter by fuel type.
Use GoCompare’s fuel prices tool

Save £70 on a smart thermostat to help keep your energy bills under control
It’s Amazon’s Smart Home Week which means there are great deals to be found on a host of smart home tech including smart thermostats (reduced from £204.99 to £134.99) and smart plugs to help you keep an eye on your energy usage.
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17 ways to improve your credit score, including getting on the electoral roll and closing old bank accounts
Make sure you get the best deals when borrowing by keeping your credit score in good shape. If it needs improving, Good To has loads of ways to give it a boost.
Good To’s credit score boosters
12 ways to save when booking your holiday
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If the news around flight delays and travel problems haven’t put you off planning your next holiday, then make sure you check out these holiday booking tips from Woman&Home to get the best price possible.
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Did you miss it? £400 towards your energy bills for EVERY household - how will it work?
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We explain everything you need to know about the item that took most of the headlines from the Government’s cost of living help package announced last week. Find out how and when the £400 will be paid.
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