Recession warning | interest rates and £252 tax break


Bank of England has hiked interest rates, and energy bills are back in the news again. So we’ve stuffed today’s newsletter full of money tips and tricks, with not one, but two money-saving hacks, a £252 tax break, help with credit card debt, superb deals on pet insurance, bargain sports TV packages and a new £160 current account switching bonus.
Recession warning as Bank of England hikes interest rates
Recession warning as Bank of England hikes interest rates
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The central bank has raised interest rates for the third time this year – the biggest jump in 27 years – in response to high inflation and low economic growth.

UK recession warning The Bank of England has warned to expect a recession. The Money Edit reports on when it could happen, and what you can do about it.

What the new interest rate means for your mortgage The Money Edit takes you through what the new interest rate means for your mortgage, as well as debt and savings. Plus essential advice if you’ve got a variable or tracker mortgage.

What is stagflation? The Money Edit explains what it means for the economy and your money and the steps you can take to fight back.
Energy price cap will be updated more often - what does it mean for your bills?
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The energy price cap will be updated more regularly from January, the regulator has confirmed, affecting more than 24 million UK homes.
What does quarterly price cap updates mean for your bills? The Money Edit gives you everything you need to know
Are you missing out on a £252 tax break?
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According to HMRC, around two million couples could be missing out on this tax break. Claims can be backdated up to four years before this tax year, meaning you could be owed a cheque worth up to £1,242.
The Money Edit can help you find out if you’re one of two million couples missing out on this tax break
How to manage your credit card debt
How to manage your credit card debt
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The cost of living crisis has forced many of us to be more reliant on credit cards, official figures show borrowing grew at an annual rate of 12.5% in June.

Credit card borrowing at record highs The Money Edit gives you the inside track on how you can manage and pay off your debt.

Best 0% balance transfer cards The best 0% interest options if you find yourself paying a heavy interest on your current credit card balance, from The Money Edit.

Cost of Living crisis: what is your bank doing to help you?  The Money Edit has spoken to all the big banks to find out how you will be supported.
Money-saving hack: 10 ways to get cheap cinema tickets
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From two for one offers to cinema clubs and discount tickets with health insurance, we’ve got 10 ways you can make big savings on a trip to the cinema.
Use The Money Edit’s guide to cheap cinema tickets
Money-saving hack: how to stream music without paying for a year
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With a bit of effort you can use the streaming apps’ welcome trials against them and listen without paying for an entire year. Or you can simply find the best app for you and make the most of its no cost access.
Use The Money Edit’s guide to stream music without paying – it’s one less bill to worry about
The cheapest way to watch the new football season
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With the Premier League season upon us, we’ve found the best way to save some serious cash if you want to watch live football on TV for less.
The Money Edit’s guide to watch live football on TV for less
Get £160 for switching bank accounts
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Switching bank accounts is surprisingly simple and you can get all sorts of bonuses and rewards. Get your hands on up to £160 cashback if you switch.
Find out the best current account switching deals thanks to The Money Edit
Deal of the week: perfect pet insurance perks
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There’s no excuse not to look after our furry four legged companions, and pet insurance is usually essential – vet bills without it can be devastating.

If you need to get your pet insurance sorted, always do a comparison to get the best deal for you. This month exclusive to GoCompare you can bag one of six special pet insurance offers if – after doing a comparison – the insurance is right for you.

If you’re switching, pre-existing conditions aren’t always covered, so be aware.

* Pet insurance purchases only. All offers end 31 August. Full T&Cs apply.

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