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Rising food prices were the driving force behind the latest inflation increase, so today we’re giving you loads of useful ways to save on the weekly shop. Plus inflation explainers, how to get a pay rise, cutting £100s off your credit card debt, train strike refunds and top savings accounts.
Food prices drive inflation - how to cut your food bill today
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Inflation is up again, with food prices the driving force behind the latest increase. Our expert advice can help you save on your supermarket shopping.
How to ask for a pay rise - and get one
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Wages are falling further behind increasing prices. It might sound easier said than done, but our expert tips could help boost your pay and combat the rising cost of living. 
The Money Edit shares expert tips, tricks and planning advice to get a pay rise
Inflation is up again - what does it mean for your money?
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Price rises have hit a new 40-year high as cost of living crisis deepens, we explain what it means for your spending, savings and financial plans for the year ahead
The Money edit explains what the latest inflation figures mean for your money
From train tickets and prescriptions to rent and broadband - the price hikes pegged to inflation you need to know
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Inflation isn’t just used to measure price rises, it’s used to increase prices too. We explain everything you need to know.
The Money Edit explains how inflation is used to increase prices
Cut the cost of your credit card debt today – up to 34 months interest free
Cut the cost of your credit card debt today - up to 34 months interest free
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UK credit card holders spent just under £20 billion in May – a 33% jump in the total spend compared with the same month last year. You can take action today to reduce the cost of your credit card debt by shifting it to a balance transfer card so you pay 0% interest while you pay it off. Here are some of the best deals we’ve found, all links go to Go Compare’s eligibility checker:
If you get a 0% interest balance transfer card, always pay off the minimum amount each month and don’t spend on it. Aim to clear it before the 0% period ends, as interest payments will shoot up after. If accepted, the actual 0% period you get can depend on your circumstances, while fees mentioned are a percentage of the amount transferred.

You can also check out The Money Edit’s full run down of the best 0% balance transfer credit cards.
Is a 50-year mortgage a good idea?
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Ultra-long mortgages are seen as a possible solution to the housing crisis. But is a decades-long fixed-rate deal a good idea? We explain the perks and pitfalls.
The Money Edit experts analyse if a 50 year mortgage is a good idea
Cost of loving: the pros and cons of joint accounts you need to know
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There are lots of potential benefits to getting a joint bank account but you also need to be aware of the disadvantages and risks before opening one.
The Money Edit spells out the pros and cons of joint accounts
Rail strikes - when are they and how can you get a refund?
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With multiple days of strikes planned this week, we explain what your rights are when it comes to getting your money back if you cannot travel.
Read The Money Edit’s guide to rail strike dates and refunds
In case you missed it… Top savings accounts this week | up to 1.81% easy access | 3.3% fixed
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Savings accounts are slowly becoming more and more competitive – with one fix even offering £25 cashback. We’re regularly scouring the market and updating our website with the best savings rates.
The Money Edit reveals the best savings accounts this week
Exclusive - 20% off official airpport parking at Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands and 15% off at Gatwick
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Jetting away for the bank holiday weekend? Make big savings on airport parking so you have more to spend enjoying yourself.
Head to MyVoucherCodes for up to 20% off airport parking
Iceland | Get £5 off first orders over £45 plus free next day delivery
Save £5 and get free next day delivery on your next grocery shop thanks to My Voucher Codes. Simply reveal the code and enter it at the checkout. Plus heaps of other discount codes too.
Head to MyVoucherCodes to get £5 off a £45 Iceland shop
Deal of the month: perfect pet insurance perks
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There’s no excuse not to look after our furry four legged companions, and pet insurance is usually essential – vet bills without it can be devastating.

If you need to get your pet insurance sorted, always do a comparison to get the best deal for you. This month exclusive to GoCompare you can bag one of six special pet insurance offers if – after doing a comparison – the insurance is right for you.

If you’re switching, pre-existing conditions aren’t always covered, so be aware.
* Pet insurance purchases only. All offers end 31 August. Full T&Cs apply.


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