Revealed: how much the new energy price cap will cost you


This is a special one-off send because today the energy regulator Ofgem has confirmed the level of the new price cap and our exclusive calculator can tell you what it means for your bills. Plus our experts have been busy getting you the best cost cutting tips, how to fight unfair direct debit hikes and what you can do if you’re unable to pay.
New price cap confirmed, use our calculator to find out how much it will add to your bills
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You can use our energy bill calculator to get a personalised summary of exactly what today’s price cap announcement means for your energy bills this winter.
Use The Money Edit’s energy bill calculator to find out the impact of the new price cap on your energy costs.
Help with energy costs: what can you do if you can't pay your energy bill?
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If, like many of us, you are looking at how much your energy bills will cost and are simply unable to pay them – we’ve got clear steps you can take to beat the hikes if you simply cannot pay the full amount.
The Money Edit shares what you can do if you can’t pay your energy bill
The latest expert advice on tackling energy bills
The latest expert advice on tackling energy bills
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Can I stop my Direct Debit increasing? If you are concerned your direct debit payments are getting put up by more than is necessary, The Money Edit has a step-by-step guide you can follow to get it reduced.

Latest energy price estimates in 2023 Energy analyst Cornwall Insight updates its 2023/24 price predictions but warns energy prices are very volatile and responsive to changing global events right now.

Is it time to fix your energy tariff? The Money Edit’s experts have been busy doing the maths so you know if a fixed deal can save you money or not.
How to cut your energy costs
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From paying by Direct Debit to cutting your shower time there are many ways to cut energy costs with minimal effort – but be aware of saving myths.
The Money Edit makes sense of the best energy saving tips and myths – so you can save money
Can a smart meter shave pounds of your energy bill?
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You’ve probably heard the term, but what is a smart meter and do you need one? – and importantly can it save you money on your energy bills.
Good To Know explains everything you need to know about smart meters


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