We’ve sailed through our first week of 2018 and as always, there’s a distinctive whiff of new beginnings, resolutions and self-reflection in the air.

Perhaps you’ve already dusted off your running shoes to hit up the park or maybe you’re being ultra trendy and joining the 150,000 brave souls giving veganuary a go? Or maybe you’ve gone down the more philosophical route, taking up a new skill or positive habit?

January is a time to think big and make a change… but we tend to think of New Year’s resolutions as having an expiry date. In fact the odds are against us big time: by February 80% of us will have abandoned our new year endeavours.

We feel a sprinkling of perspective can therefore be handy to think more long term. Have you ever wondered, for example, what are the most common regrets people have in life?

A palliative care nurse called Bronnie Ware wrote a book all about it, with these five coming out top:

1. To live a life true to yourself, not the life others expected of you

Spending far too much time worrying about what others think was by far the most common regret. Many felt they’d compromised certain aspects of their personality to appease others. 

2. To not work so hard

For the average person, 12 years of their life will be at work, that’s over 100,000 hours. We lead very work-centric lifestyles and climbing the career ladder is the main ambition for many. The author found a big theme among men in particular was that they felt they had not spent as much quality time with their families as they would’ve liked.

3. The courage to express your feelings

Many people felt that they had repressed their feelings in order to keep the peace or avoid confrontation. It’s all too easy to bite our lip and shy away from saying what we truly feel.

4. Staying in touch with friends

This is sadly so easily done when life gets in the way! Suddenly a few days turns into a week, which turns into a month, while the ‘bad-friend’ guilt steadily builds. Social media helps but not necessarily to give you the proper catch-up you need. 

5. Allowing yourself to be happy

Ware said factors such as fear of change, trying to please others and the general habits people formed in life had prevented them from true happiness.

But you know what’s noticeably missing from this list…

All the mundane, household, daily stuff which constantly sends us loopy and stresses us out to no end!

That’s not to say when we scream the phrase ‘I DON’T HAVE TIME!’ twenty times a day, it isn’t without reason. We do have a lot of stuff on our plates nowadays. Life does get on top of you.

But today we have an abundance of modern services, apps and hacks to help us out and make our lives that little bit easier.

Rather than feeling guilty and regretful – let’s get proactive.

Let’s use the tools around us and get time on our side. Meaning less time stressing over tedious tasks and more time dedicated to the important stuff.

Household bills definitely fall into that category. Could you ever imagine a 90 year old wishing they’d spent more time on a comparison site?!

That’s why we created our service Look After My Bills. It means we worry about the little stuff, getting you more time to focus on what counts.

We’re happy to take on the hassle. Let us help.

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