The May Loyalty Tax

Our research has found that 78 fixed energy contracts are coming to an end tomorrow – Friday 31st of May.

This means that hundreds of thousands of people will roll on to their supplier’s default tariff – the most expensive deal.

This is an average jump in price of £212.

The worst culprit is Npower with bills going up by an average of £362 a year!

We expose the worst bill jumps every month. In April, BBC Breakfast discussed our findings this morning on their programme:


Look After My Bills on BBC Breakfast


Look After My Bills founder Henry de Zoete on BBC Breakfast


Unfortunately, this is how ‘the loyalty penalty’ works. You are offered a competitive price as a new customer but get whacked with a price hike after your contract is up.

This makes little sense to us. Having to constantly be on your toes and switch every year means far too many people lose out.

Few people switch and even fewer remember to every single year. This is why we set up our autoswitching service in the first place.

Make sure you’re not on any of the worst deals below:

Top 10 biggest price jumps

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