WeFlip. Flip your energy. What the flip is it?

WeFlip auto switching comparison

WeFlip. Flipping. Flipper. You might be hearing these phrases more recently. But what actually is flipping and WeFlip?

Fundamentally an energy ‘flip’ or  energy ‘flipping’ is just a rather flippant (forgive the pun!) new term for energy switching. Or more specifically auto-switching.

Who are WeFlip, Flipper and Look After My Bills?

Auto-switching services, like WeFlip, Flipper and us – Look After My Bills, switch your electricity and gas provider for you. The process of auto-switching notifies your old supplier you’re leaving and gives all your details to your new supplier (the only thing you need to do is give meter readings).

WeFlip auto-switching

Over the last year there has been a host of companies, like WeFlip, who have followed Look After My Bills’ lead and got into auto-switching/ flipping. It’s great to see that so many companies are getting into this space. The more people who hear about auto-switching the flipping better! 

WeFlip. Look After My Bills. Why do we need auto-switching services?

Well because the price comparison model has failed. We’ve had 20 years of meerkats, fat opera singers, dancing robots and TV finance gurus screaming at us to swap energy suppliers and…

www.gocompare.com/ www.comparethemarket.com/‎ www.moneysupermarket.com/ www.confused.com/‎
Moneysupermarket.com, Comparethemarket.com, Confused.com, Gocompare.com

70% of people still don’t switch/flip their energy!

Comparison websites have made a lot of money but they haven’t fixed the energy market and they never will with the old style price comparison approach.

Comparison websites hitting the headlines

These websites have had a bit of a rocky time. Since 2014 they’ve been getting themselves into quite a bit of trouble. From getting caught hiding the cheapest deals to breaking the competition law…

More recently, in 2016, reports by many media outlets including BBC News highlighted comparison websites were being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) again.

In 2017 This Is Money, among others, reported price comparison websites were hiding top energy rates again! They’re still pushing suppliers that they are paid more to promote – not showing you the cheapest deals.

As recently as last year one comparison website was under investigation for breaking the competition law. Reported widely from Mirror to The Guardian, The CMA found they had broken the law by ‘preventing home insurers from offering lower prices on other sites, potentially resulting in people paying higher premiums than they need to.’

They were meant to help people pay less for the bills… But quite frankly they just can’t be trusted.

Moving on from comparison websites

You’re probably still wishing that someone would just ‘Look After My Bills’ right?

We set up Look After My Bills because we were sick of people getting ripped off by comparison websites and energy suppliers.

When we launched The Evening Standard called us a ‘ray of hope’, a few months later we got best deal ever on Dragons’ Den!

The Look After My Bills approach is entirely different from comparison websites. We know that normal people don’t have the time or the energy to spend hours comparing deals…

… Never mind remembering to do it every time your deal expires!

More and more people are wanting to outsource this part of their personal admin with us. In just 12 months nearly 100,000 people have signed up with us making Look After My Bills the most established auto-switching service.

energy deals

But most importantly nearly three quarters our members were on the standard variable tariff when they joined. That’s the very worst tariff and it’s the one suppliers roll you on to when your deals ends.

We helped them and we want to help you too!

We’re positive we can find you a better deal if you haven’t switched your gas and electricity provider in a few years!

It’s good to see there are so many other companies like WeFlip joining the fight. What they call themselves or their process of energy auto switching, we don’t give a flip! Weflip, they flip, we should all flip! 

What’s important is that people flip their energy supplier regularly to avoid being overcharged. And that’s where we come in – we do the switching for you!

How does auto-switching/flipping work?

You provide us with some basic details about your gas and electricity by filling out one form. Auto switching uses clever algorithms to find you the best deal according to your usage, and energy meter type.

We’ve set our algorithms to switch/flip you automatically.

Auto switching process

You’re usually switched annually if we find you a one year fixed deal or every three months if we find you a variable deal (you can stay on a variable deal for a whole year too if it’s a really good rate!).

Once we find you a deal we email you with all the details and set the switch/flip in motion straight away (we don’t want you missing out if the deal disappears!).

You always get 14 days to review the new deal and we can cancel the switch if you change your mind.

If you want to get back in control of your utility bills, then let us help you! Imagine having the assurance that you will never overpay for your gas and electricity!

You’ll never have to search for a better deal or fill out another form ever again!

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