What happens if my supplier ceases trading/goes bust?

When a supplier goes bust the energy regulator Ofgem acts to find a new supplier for these customers.

 A few important things to keep in mind.

1) You will never have your supply turned off.

2) It’s best to sit tight and to not try to switch, until your new supplier has fully taken over your supply.

3) Your new supplier could try and offer you a different tariff, with a fixed term. It’s best not to agree to any new contract with them, as it will prevent us from switching you to a cheaper deal.

4) There will be no exit fees should you choose to leave your appointed supplier.

5) Once your new supplier has been appointed and confirmed your move – please get back in touch with us and we will work to find you a better energy deal.

For further information please refer to Ofgem’s information page, by clicking Here.

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