Broadband has seen a large price hike this year. Here’s how to fight back, and crank down those broadband bills...
Find the best broadband deals with speed, landline phone or TV license that are pocket-friendly for you...
On government benefits? Find out if you are eligible for cheap social broadband tariffs...
Struggling with sudden broadband outages? Learn what to do when your internet isn't working, how to check for outages and...
Find the best broadband deals with speed, landline phone or TV license that are pocket-friendly...

Along with price, broadband speed is perhaps the most important factor you need to look at when choosing a new...

Broadband switching has never been easier

Join the switching revolution! Let’s tackle the cost of living by putting money back in your pocket.

How it works

Five simple steps to help you choose the right deal:

calendar for payments

Check the monthly price

Check the deal is within your budget first – don’t get dazzled by words like “superfast” and “unlimited”.


Compare internet speeds in your area

Our speed checker will show you what’s available where you are, so you don’t waste time looking at deals you can’t have!

cost in mind

Keep setup costs in mind

Sometimes installing your new broadband set up can cost more than the amount you’d save on a lower-priced deal.

internet use

What will you be using the internet for?

Streaming movies or playing online games means you’ll need a faster internet speed than someone who only needs it to check emails.


Extras, add-ons and bundles

Some providers offer extra perks or a discount if you bundle your phone and internet together. Make sure all of what you’re getting is useful to you, so you don’t waste money.

And that’s it!

Compare our broadband providers

We have a huge network of dedicated teams to help you find smart tips, offers and guides that we think could help you save money or otherwise benefit you.

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How fast is your broadband?

Our speed checker will show you what’s available. There’s no commitment to buy at this stage.

Got a question?

Check out our frequently asked ones

You can take our broadband speed test to find out how fast your internet is.

“Good” broadband depends on what you’re after.

If you use your internet intensively – for streaming and gaming, for example – higher speed plans with no usage cap will probably be good for you. If you want your internet for less complicated tasks like checking the news, then lower speed deals could work well.

That depends on what you use the internet for and how many devices are in your household.

Here’s a rough idea of what certain speeds do:

  • 25Mbps – one to two person household with up to five devices. You could stream one high quality TV show if there are no other internet connections
  • 50Mbps – two to four person household with up to seven devices. You could watch two or three video streams alongside other online activities
  • 100Mbps – four to six person household with up to 10 devices. This would suit most families
  • 200Mbps+ – got a large family or have a serious gamer in your household? This speed should allow everyone to watch different things at the same time or use the internet while someone else is online gaming.

If you’re not sure what your usage is, contact your current provider and ask.

When providers say “average speed”, it means the download speed that at least 50% of its customers achieved during peak hours (from 8pm until 10pm for residents and 12pm until 2pm for businesses).

There are three main categories of internet user:

  • Light – a one person household that uses the internet to check the news, emails, social media and for online banking
  • Medium – a two or three person household that does the above, plus occasionally streaming TV shows or films and shopping online
  • Heavy – a household with four or more people, who do everything light and medium users do, as well as stream high quality films, TV shows or music, game online and often have video calls

Not yet, Look After My Bills doesn’t currently automatically switch your broadband deal when the contract ends.

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