Best BT Broadband deals in January 2024

The BT logo appears next to a broadband engineer up a telegraph pole (images: Getty Images)

If you’re thinking about switching your broadband provider, there are many different options out there. Below, we’ve listed the best deals BT has to offer, as well as what you can expect from having BT as your provider.

BT is one of the UK’s most well-known broadband and phone providers. Before 1984 when it was privatised, it was the public body in charge of the UK’s telecoms network. Now angled towards the premium end of the market, BT offers high internet speeds over fibre connections, sports TV and streaming, as well as landline and mobile broadband packages.

It is, of course, one provider out of dozens on the UK market. To see who’s offering what, visit our guide to the best broadband deals. So, what are the best BT broadband deals this month? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are the pros and cons of BT broadband?

The general characteristics of BT’s broadband offering are reliability at a premium. You’ll get strong, continuous speeds that should be available throughout your home. But the big negative is that you’ll generally be paying above average market rates for its service. With this in mind, here’s what you can expect:

  • Good for: large households, aficionados of high-quality streaming, gamers and sports fans – all of whom have a bit of cash to spare.
  • Not so good for: smaller households, homes with low internet usage and people on tight budgets.

The provider offers the following broadband options:

  • ADSL: internet speeds of 10 to 12Mbps coming into your home via your phone line (this option is gradually being phased out by fibre)
  • Standard fibre: speeds averaging around 20 to 35Mbps, via fibre cables and then your phone wires
  • Superfast fibre: speeds in the region of 50 to 80Mbps, via fibre-optic cables coming all the way into your home
  • Ultrafast fibre/ Full fibre: the fastest option across most of the UK, with speed of 100Mbps to 900+Mbps.

Below is a list of all the best deals currently available from BT broadband.


What TV packages can be included with BT broadband?

BT offers a similar range of TV and streaming options to competitors Sky and Virgin Media. You can choose from two tiers of entertainment and sports packages, as well as a ‘Full Works’ option that combines the two.

You can bundle your broadband with Netflix and NOW’s entertainment and cinema packages. For sports fans, TNT Sports (formerly known as BT Sport) offers Premier League and European football fixtures, rugby union and tennis, alongside a whole host of other sports. It costs £29.99 a month on its own and can be bolstered to include Now TV’s sports membership.

All of the options come with the Discovery+ streaming service as standard. This offers programming from channels like TLC, Quest and Really, as well as other real-life documentary series from Discovery’s stable of specialist channels.

Does BT do broadband-only deals?

Yes. If you’re happy to only use your smartphone for calls, you don’t have to sign up for a package that includes a phone line. But it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll lose your current home phone number if you switch to this option. Should you decide to get a landline at a later date, you’ll be given a different number.

For those seeking out a broadband and phone deal, you can opt for Pay As You Go (£26.35 a month on its own – including line rental). This allows you to call UK landlines and mobiles at a flat rate. Another option is Unlimited Minutes (£44.35), which – as the name suggests – includes all calls to UK phone numbers at no extra cost.

How long are BT broadband contracts for?

BT offers a range of contract lengths. They usually last for either a 12-month period or for two years (24 months). Both options have their advantages. A shorter-term deal allows you to switch again in a relatively short time frame – something that could save you a decent amount of money. Meanwhile, the longer contracts may offer a slightly cheaper monthly rate.

You can also lock in a TV/streaming bundle at a good price for longer. As we’ve seen from the recent Netflix and Disney Plus price hikes, streamers can up their prices significantly at relatively short notice.

How do I get BT broadband?

BT broadband packages are available to buy online. It’s worth having a look at our broadband comparison tool to see whether you can get it in your area and what type of package suits you best. Just filter the options to select BT broadband, the speed you want and monthly cost.

If you’d prefer to discuss your options with BT directly, you should call the provider on its broadband number: 0330 1234 150. This line is open from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 8pm on weekends and public holidays. Calls are free if you’re getting in touch via the BT network.

How do I get BT broadband if I’m moving house?

If you’re moving home and you want to take BT with you, you should get in touch to give them your new address. They’ll let you know if your existing package is available there, and what other deals you can qualify for.

You might be charged a small fee or forced to take on a new contract term when you move BT to your new address. If they don’t offer coverage in the area you’re moving to, you may have to pay exit fees (depending on whether you’re still within your minimum term).

If you’re not already with BT when you move, you can switch over to them. Just be aware that you may be charged an exit fee by your existing provider if you’re still within your minimum term. It’s also worth noting that it can take time for a broadband connection to be set up in your home. So be sure to arrange your new deal around two-to-three weeks ahead of your move-in date.

And for those with landlines, you may be able to take your home phone number with you. You’ll have to be covered by the same exchange (ie, the network hub that gives you your area code) to do so. It’s worth talking to BT if this is something you’re keen to do.

How do I switch to BT broadband?

BT runs through the Openreach network, so its broadband coverage is available in most areas of the UK. Once you’ve decided which deal to go for, get in touch with BT and they will arrange your switch for you.

If you’re currently with a provider that shares the Openreach network – such as EE, Sky, TalkTalk Plusnet, or Now Broadband – BT will arrange your cancellation directly with them. But, if you’re switching from a broadband brand on a different network, such as Virgin Media, you’ll need to get in touch with them to let them know your BT broadband activation date.

Can I switch to BT broadband for free?

Your contract situation will determine whether or not you’ll have to pay exit fees to switch. If you’re still within the minimum term of your existing deal, you could face a hefty penalty. Alternatively, if you’re outside the minimum term, you can move to another provider for free. You can end your contract early without incurring a penalty if any of the following apply:

  • Your download speeds are significantly lower than your provider advertised (the exact limits will be set out in your contract). See our speed checker to see what service you’re getting.
  • Prices are going up above a set level within your contract period (this will be specified in your contract, but is usually inflation plus a percentage). And you cancel your contract within 30 days of being told prices are rising.

For more information on switching, visit our guide on how to switch your broadband.