Best NOW Broadband deals in January 2024

NOW Broadband router

Thinking of switching your broadband package? Branching out from TV streaming, NOW Broadband has a selection of fibre and ADSL broadband packages. Check out NOW’s best broadband deals today.

Part of the Sky family, NOW began as a streaming service, and has since diversified into broadband. It offers a range of different packages, and is well known for its no contract options.

It can provide broadband speeds of up to 63 Mbps with its Super Fibre package. Its broadband deals come with line rental included. And unsurprisingly given its origins, there are options to add TV packages – specifically movies, entertainment and sports.

So how do NOW Broadband deals stack up?

Why should I choose NOW Broadband?

NOW offers affordable broadband packages from £20 a month. And ask a Sky subsidiary, you can add a selection of popular NOW TV packages to your broadband in one easily manageable bill.

NOW has three main broadband packages:

  • Super Fibre. £23 a month. NOW says it offers average speeds of 63 Mbps. However, speeds vary by location.
  • Fab Fibre. £23 a month. This offers average speeds of 36 Mbps.
  • Brilliant Broadband. £20 a month. NOW’s ADSL option, this offers average speeds of 11 Mbps.

It’s worth noting that NOW TV packages are available without the need to be bundled together with NOW Broadband. So if it’s mainly NOW TV you’re after, it may be a good idea to shop around and see if it’s cheaper to mix and match.


What TV packages are included with NOW Broadband?

With its origins as a TV streaming service, you’re in good hands when it comes to entertainment. There are three main TV and broadband packages:

  • Cinema membership. Total cost £32.99 a month with either fibre option. You can stream over 1,000 movies on demand, plus there’s a new premiere every day. £10 upfront cost.
  • Entertainment membership. Total cost £29.99 with either fibre option for the first 6 months, £45.49 thereafter for Fab Fibre, or £48.49 for Super Fibre. You can stream hundreds of box sets and brilliant TV shows. £10 upfront cost.
  • Sports membership. Total cost £52.99 a month with either fibre option. Stream Sky Sports, including Premier League football, F1, golf majors, cricket and plenty more. £10 upfront cost.

There’s also the option of getting NOW TV with reality channel Hayu for £4.99 a month, although this doesn’t come bundled with broadband.

Does NOW provide broadband only deals?

No. All NOW Broadband packages include line rental.

Is landline included in my NOW broadband deal?

NOW Broadband is on the Openreach network, so all of its packages include line rental, plus a landline. You’re not obliged to use it, but your options are:

  • Pay As You Use. £0 a month. This is the default package, doesn’t have any inclusive calls, and costs 22p per minute to UK landlines and mobiles.
  • Evenings and weekend. £4 a month. Daytime calls Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm cost 22p a minute. All other calls to UK landline and mobile numbers inclusive.
  • Anytime calls. £8 a month. All calls to UK landline and mobile numbers inclusive.

What will happen to my landline number if I get a NOW broadband deal?

In most cases, you’ll be able to keep your landline number when you switch. Choose ‘Yes, keep my current number’ when placing your order, and NOW will do its best to keep your number.

It does say there are some instances where it may not be able to port your landline number across. If this happens, NOW will let you know in advance.

How long are NOW Broadband contracts for?

The three main NOW Broadband options each come with 12-month minimum contracts. It also offers a no contract option, which means you can leave at any time without incurring penalties. It’s worth noting that these come with a £60 activation fee, however.

How do I get NOW Broadband?

NOW Broadband packages are available to buy online. Have a look at our broadband comparison to see what suits you best. Just filter the options to choose NOW Broadband, the speed you want and monthly cost. 

If you’d prefer to discuss your options with NOW Broadband’s customer service team, you can call its general number on 0330 3323 050. The line’s open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.

How do I get NOW Broadband if I’m moving house?

If you’re already with NOW Broadband and you’re moving, get in touch to tell them your new address. They’ll let you know if your current membership is available there, and what other packages may be available.

If you’re not with NOW Broadband already, just cancel your existing  broadband package when you move, and arrange the best NOW Broadband deal for your moving-in date.

How do I switch to NOW Broadband?

NOW Broadband is on the Openreach network, so coverage is extensive, and will be available in most areas. Once you’ve decided which deal to go for, get in touch with NOW Broadband and they can arrange your switch.

If you’re with a non-cable provider – such as BT, EE, TalkTalk or Plusnet – NOW Broadband will arrange the cancellation with them, saving you an awkward phone call. However, if you’re switching from Virgin Media, you’ll have to get in touch and let them know your NOW Broadband activation date.

Can I switch to NOW broadband for free?

Generally speaking, you have to pay a fee for ending your contract early with your existing broadband provider. That said, you’ll probably be able to end your contract without incurring a penalty if any of these apply:

  • You’re no longer in the minimum contract period
  • The download speeds you’re getting are lower than your provider advertised
  • Prices are going up within the agreed contract period

In the last case, you have 30 days from when you were told of the price rise to cancel your contract. Then you’ll be able to get out of your contract, so you can make the switch without penalty.

How do I get NOW mobile broadband?

NOW Broadband doesn’t offer its own Mi-Fi packages. Check out the alternative mobile broadband deals.