Best Virgin Media broadband deals in January 2024

Virgin Media Broadband deals

Thinking of upgrading your internet package? Here’s how to find the best Virgin Media broadband deals for the lowest prices. 

We look at total cost, internet speed, contract lengths, bill credits and add-ons to help you make the most of your home Wi-Fi connection.  

Virgin Media is one of the most popular providers in the UK, with over 46 million connections across broadband, mobile, TV and phone. 

It offers ultrafast broadband with high internet speeds of up to 1Gbps. You can do unlimited streaming, gaming, browsing and connect your speakers without worrying about how much internet you’re using up. 

But bear in mind that as of now, it only covers about 60% of UK households. Use a postcode checker to find out which broadband deals are available in your area. 

However, with Virgin Media joining O2, you may get wider coverage, superfast speeds and exclusive O2 Priority perks

Find out everything you need to know if you’re thinking about moving to Virgin Media Broadband. 


What Virgin Media Broadband speeds are available to buy?

You can get different broadband speeds depending on your household size and internet usage. If more people work from home or stream, a faster internet package with higher Mbps would be the right choice. 

To make things easier, here are the different broadband speeds Virgin Media Broadband currently offers: 

Virgin Media Broadband Speed Advertised download Speed Expected download speed range Minimum guaranteed download speed Advertised upload speed Expected upload speed range Typical cost per month
M50 54 Mbps 53 - 55 Mbps 27 Mbps 5 Mbps 5 Mbps £28 per month
M125 132 Mbps 133 - 137 Mbps 66 Mbps 20 Mbps 21 Mbps £26.50 per month
M250 264 Mbps 267 - 273 Mbps 132 Mbps 25 Mbps 26 Mbps £30.50 per month
M350 362 Mbps 369 - 382 Mbps 181 Mbps 36 Mbps 36 - 37 Mbps £34.50 per month
M500 516 Mbps 508 - 543 Mbps 258 Mbps 52 Mbps 41 - 52 Mbps £38.50 per month
Gig1 Fibre Broadband 1130 Mbps 1076 - 1139 Mbps 565 Mbps 104 Mbps 69 - 104 Mbps £45 per month

Does Virgin Media provide broadband only deals?

Virgin Media offers various broadband packages that are tailored to different household needs. Here are a few bundles that you can choose from:

Broadband package What you get
Broadband only You don’t get a landline or TV package included, just high-speed broadband
Broadband and phone Superfast fibre broadband and landline
Broadband and TV Includes home broadband and TV channels like TNT Sports or Sky Cinema
Broadband, TV and phone All-in-one broadband deal with home broadband, TV and phone
Broadband and SIM (Volt bundle) Virgin Media Broadband and an O2 SIM with double the speed and data
Broadband for low-income families Cheaper broadband from £12.50 a month

How long are Virgin Media Broadband contracts for?

There are two main options for broadband contracts if you opt for Virgin Media Broadband – fixed term or 30-day rolling. 

Fixed-term contracts: These are for a term of nine, 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on what bundle you choose. If you leave before your minimum term ends, you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice and will be charged an early disconnection fee. 

30-day rolling contracts: This is good if you don’t want to be tied into a long contract for a fixed time period. There will be a one-off flexi fee and you’ll pay for your broadband monthly. To cancel, you will just need to give a 30-day notice. 

Which contract length should I go for?

Wondering if you should choose a fixed term or a rolling broadband contract? Have a look below to see which one works for you: 

Why go for a 30-day rolling broadband contract:

  • Flexibility: If you want short-term internet access while moving or travelling, a short-term contract can be a great option. You get to keep your contract rolling for as long as you need and then cancel it with just a 30-day notice. 
  • Choose to get an add-on: If you want a landline, you could get it as an add-on for a short period of time along with your broadband. 
  • No early disconnection fees: All you have to do is give a 30-day notice and you won’t be charged any early disconnection fees. 
  • Different internet speeds: Being on a short-term broadband contract doesn’t mean you have to compromise for a good internet speed. You can choose from a range of superfast broadband speeds to find what works best for you. 

Why go for a long-term broadband contract:

  • Different broadband bundles: There are many broadband options available for you, whether you live alone or in a multi-person house. You can opt for broadband and TV bundles, add a landline or even an O2 SIM. 
  • Cheaper cost: The longer your broadband contract is, the less it’s likely to cost per month. This is because you’re agreeing to a long-term commitment with a broadband provider. 
  • Incentives: With longer contracts, you can get bill credits, discounts or other incentives to get you to stay for longer. You can make use of these to lower your monthly cost.

How do I buy Virgin Media Broadband?

You can buy Virgin Media Broadband online. Have a look at our broadband comparison to find which package suits your household best. Simply filter the options to choose Virgin Media, what speed you’d like and the monthly cost. 

However, if you want to discuss your options with Virgin Media’s customer service team, you can dial 0345 454 1111 from your mobile or 150 from your Virgin Landline.

How do I buy Virgin Media Broadband when moving house?

If you’re moving house, here’s what you need to do to set up Virgin Media Broadband at home: 

  • Get in touch: Contact Virgin Media once you have your new address to book your move. You will have to give away a few details to start getting everything ready for moving. 
  • Choose your package: Either you can opt for a new package or continue with your current one. However, if your current package isn’t available at your new address, you might have to change it. 
  • Take your kit: Once you’re at the new place, all services will be set up. So you need to get your Virgin Media kit with you when you move. All you need to do then is plug it in and it will be up and running the same day. 

What details will I need to give?

When you call Virgin Media to get your broadband sorted, these are the details you will need to keep in hand: 

  • Account number or home phone number
  • New address
  • Contact number
  • Moving date
  • Preferred installation date

Virgin Media will also take you through different options if you want to know what all you can get before making a final decision. 

How do I switch to Virgin Media Broadband?

Virgin Media Broadband

If you’re out of contract with your broadband provider, you can switch penalty-free. This means that you should be on the lookout for the best broadband deals in the market. 

Here’s how to switch your broadband to Virgin Media Broadband: 

  • Enter your postcode: Some offers might not be available in your area, so it’s best to check what is available first.
  • Choose a broadband deal: Browse through your options and find what works best for your household. 
  • Cancel with your provider: You will have to contact your existing broadband provider to cancel your current contract. 
  • Book with Virgin Media: After you book, plug in the WiFi Hub or wait for an engineer to help you out. 

Can I switch to Virgin Media Broadband for free?

You will be able to switch your broadband provider for free if:

  • You’re out of your minimum contract period
  • The download speed for your broadband is lower than advertised
  • Your broadband provider increases prices within the agreed contract period

However, you need to check this carefully. Some providers include in the T&Cs that they can increase your monthly bill by a certain amount each year. 

In most cases, depending on your provider, you might need to pay a fee if you terminate your contract early.