Cancellation Process – Supplier not able to take on my meter

Do you have more than one electricity of gas meter?

Unfortunately, at this time, if you have two or more gas meters, two or more electricity meters or related meters we are unable to switch you.

At times suppliers can struggle to pick up and implement this information accurately.

Do you have an Economy 10 or Time-of-Use meter?

Unfortunately, Look After My Bills cannot help you switch if you’ve got an Economy 10 or Time-of-Use meter.

This is because most suppliers we work with either cannot supply these meters or offer special tariffs only for these meters.

Do you have a business meter?

Unfortunately Look After My Bills service is only for residential energy users. But, we can help you save money on your business energy costs!

All you need to do is call 0800 988 1623 and we can help you do this through our other service the Big Deal.

All the details of how it works are in this link:

If any of the above relate to your meter please do let us know by emailing [email protected] and we can look to close your account and advise how you can move forward.