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What support is there if I need help with my energy bills?

Get in touch with your energy supplier first as it should be able to help you.
There are also government grants available, like the warm home discount or cold weather payments.

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How to save on your gas and electricity

The cost of your energy bill depends on your usage and the supplier’s rates. Here are a few savvy savings tips:

number 1

Set your heating for the right time

Don’t leave the radiators on while no one’s home. Drop the temperature by 1°C to save as much as £60 per year.

number 2

Wrap your home up

Thicker curtains, draught blockers and rugs can keep your home well insulated

number 3

Turn things off

Appliances on standby still use power, so turn those off when not in use, as well as more obvious things like lights

number 4

Get the right lights

LEDs use less energy and last much longer than alternatives like halogens

number 5

Wash colder

Putting your clothes on a colder wash uses less energy – having cooler showers also helps if you’re brave enough!

number 6

Upgrade your appliances

…and in with the new – modern appliances have better energy ratings. You might even be able to find some newer second-hand items for a bargain price

number 7

Use a smart meter

It lets you see how much energy you’re using, which could help you budget and reduce your usage

Everything you need to know about energy

Meter readings – Everything you need to know

How to contact your energy supplier

Smart meters: the advantages and disadvantages

Should you turn plugs off at the wall to save?

Pros and cons of underfloor heating

How do solar panels work for your home?

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Not at the moment. Due to rising costs, many providers have removed their deals from the market, so we’re unable to switch you right now. But we’re still on a mission to keep the pounds in your pocket. Sign up to our money-saving newsletter for the latest tips and advice from our deal-hunting experts.

Leave us your email so we can let you know when we’re able to switch you again. We’ll also send you energy and money-saving tips too. If you want to switch suppliers you might be able to go direct, but you’ll likely end up paying more than you currently do.

If you’re on a fixed tariff, your energy supplier will automatically move you to their default standard variable tariff (SVT).

SVT’s are based on wholesale prices which have risen. Keep an eye on what this means for your bill as prices can change.

For most people “do nothing” is recommended once your deal ends because currently there’s no fixed tariffs out there that are cheaper than the price cap.

Energy is getting more expensive. Some gas and electricity companies are going bust and many other suppliers have withdrawn their tariffs. This means there are less tariffs to choose from and you’ll have to pay more.

It can be a little worrying to hear your energy supplier has gone out of business.

We recommend you take a meter reading and sit tight; your supplier will need this information.

We’ve written a detailed guide about what to do when this happens. Check it out

Unfortunately, Look After My Bills won’t be able to sort out any problems to do with your actual energy supply or bill, and we can’t contact suppliers on your behalf.

This is because suppliers, like us, have privacy policies in place to prevent anyone other than the account holder accessing the account.

If you have any energy queries you’ll need to contact the supplier’s own customer service team. Check out our full guide on how to contact them.