“Alexa, why is my energy company ripping me off?”

We at Look After My Bills are sick to the back teeth of terrible energy companies taking the mickey out of consumers by charging rip-off prices that get bigger every year without the service changing one bit for the better.

We noticed the NHS launching an Alexa skill where the public could ask questions like “why is my bottom itchy?” and have the HAL-like of a robot doctor say “have you tried flea powder?” and we thought we want IN on this amazing technology.

Could we do the same but answer the public’s question “Alexa, why is my energy company ripping me off?” And answer with big cold bucket of truth?

So we asked our team of electro-boffins to get to work and they said it would take six months, so then we asked our work experience kid Tony and he’s knocked this up in half an hour.

This soon-to-be-launched Alexa Skill can answer the following useful questions:

Alexa, why is my energy company ripping me off?

Because they reward customer loyalty by putting the prices up. The naughty sausages.

Alexa, why is my energy company REALLY ripping me off?

So their bosses can take home huge bonuses.

Alexa, why is my energy company ripping me off really?

Because they are absolute chancers. And they know you’ll never get around to doing anything about it.

Truth bombs all the way.

And finally – if you want a better deal all year round, make sure you switch with Look After My Bills alright? Else we’ll sack Tony for making us do this silly nonsense.