5 ways to make sure you’re paying less on your energy bill

We’ve all had that fear. You come home to find the white envelope from your energy provider lying on your doormat, and put off opening it for as long as you can out of sheer dread at what you’ve been charged.

Paying bills is about as much fun as getting a splinter or banging your toe on the corner of the coffee table, but there are things you can do to ease the pain a little. Here are five simple ways you can cut your energy bill down to size (we’re particularly fond of the last one).

1. Only boiling the exact amount of water you need in the kettle – saves £7 a year

Seven quid might not sound like a whole lot, but let’s put it another way – it’s enough to pay for your teabags for an entire year (unless you have an expensive taste of course, but you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned mug of builders if you ask us). While we’re on the topic, the milk goes in after the water – never before, you heathens.

2. Turning lights off when you aren’t using them – saves £13 a year

You used to hate it when your parents nagged you about forgetting to turn lights off, didn’t you? And look at you now, you’re the one doing the nagging. Proof that maybe they were right after all (not that you can ever tell them of course).

3. Replacing your halogen light bulbs with LEDs – saves £35 a year

Better for the environment and better for your pocket, we should all be switching to LEDs in 2019.

4. Turning your appliances off standby when you aren’t using them – saves £50 a year

That TV that sits silently in the corner of your living room for 90% of the day? It’s slowly draining energy and costing you money. Turning everything off at the wall at night might be a pain, but £50 a year is a pretty good reward – that’s the cost of a gig ticket or even some cheap flights.

5. Switching your energy provider with Look After My Bills – saves £259 a year on average

OK, so we’re a little bit biased, but we reckon this one is the best. When you sign up to Look After My Bills we’ll constantly search for the best energy deals, and switch you over to them if you can make a saving. We put an average of £350 back in each of our customers’ pockets every year. Energy providers love punishing people for their loyalty and will rip you off more and more the longer you stay on a variable tariff. We want to stop them – with your help of course. Head over to our website today to discover how much you could save, and show UK energy companies you won’t stand for being robbed blind any longer.