Light bulbs – how to save £199 a year

light bulbs

Light bulbs. You can save money on your electricity bill just by changing the light bulbs you use. 

Traditional light bulbs are not very energy efficient and if you still have them you’ll be paying more for your lighting than your need to! 

By replacing 10 regular bulbs with energy saving bulbs you could make an epic saving on your energy bills!

How much do light bulbs cost to run each year?

The Telegraph commissioned a comparison between traditional and energy saving light bulbs. 

Based on a typical unit price of 12.2p per kWh (kilowatt per hour). They looked at a medium-size home containing 10 traditional 60W light bulbs, which were on for 10 hours a day.

The found the running cost of having 10 traditional light bulbs is £266.45 a year.

Replacing the bulbs with 6W LED equivalents lowered the running cost to £26.65 a year – which is an staggering reduction!

But how much do energy-saving light bulbs cost?

A basic 6W LED bulb can cost as little as £4, so replacing 10 bulbs would cost £40 – the same as what you would save over the first two months!

You could make a yearly saving of a whopping £199.80 a year! It’s a no brainer!

Which energy saving bulbs are most similar to an old-fashioned bulbs?

You can buy a similar brightness and colour to traditional light bulbs by looking at the Lumens and Kelvins on the packaging in store or in the online product description.

Brightness is the Lumens

A 60W traditional (incandescent) bulb typically emits 700-900 lumens, so look for an LED bulb with a similar brightness.

Colour is the Kelvins

Traditional bulbs have a colour temperature of around 2,700K (Kelvins). This colour is also sometimes described as ‘warm white’.

Light bulb shapes and fittings

Bulbs come in a range of shapes and sizes. Here are the most common shapes and sizes.

light bulb shapes

Bulb fittings can vary too. Make sure you check the bulb you’re replacing to find out what fitting it is.

light bulb fittings

With online ordering and home delivery it’s easier than ever to order new light bulbs. Even if you’re only replacing one light bulb, we recommend buying an energy saving replacement.