Post energy price cap deals – don’t fall for them!

price cap

Speculation has long been brewing around what the fall-out would be when the energy price cap finally came in earlier this month.

The energy price cap is the threshold at which an energy supplier can set their standard variable tariff. This is currently no higher than £1137. You can read our full blog on the energy price cap here.

So are people now protected from shocker bills appearing through their letter box? Are energy suppliers playing ball?

Our new research shows things aren’t as rosy as we might think. Suppliers are actually offering a number of other deals much more expensive than the price cap.

We have been featured in the Mirror, the BBC and Your Money for our research.

What does our price cap research show?

We have found that there are a huge 66 energy deals higher than the price cap. The most expensive is a staggering £175 more expensive than the price cap.

Every single one of the Big Six energy companies has a deal more expensive than the price cap.

Top 5 worst deals more expensive than the price cap

#Supplier NameTariff NameCostTariff TypeGreen or not greenDurationExit fee
1EBICoEbico Prime Fixed 18 v21312.29FixedNo18 months£60
2First UtilityStuRents Fixed February 20201288.12FixedNoUntil Feb 2020£100
3First UtilityFirst Control December 2020 v31276.92FixedNoUntil December 2020£100
4EBICoEbico Prime Fixed 18 v2 – Paperless1267.29FixedNo18 months£60
5PFP EnergySimple Clear1265.32VariableNoVariableNone

You can see the full list at the bottom of this blog.

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How are energy suppliers allowed to be more expensive than the price cap?

Standard variable tariffs (SVT) are notoriously the worst value deals on the market. This is an energy company’s default tariff and this is the one which has to comply with the price cap.

However, other variable deals or fixed deals are not capped.

These are the deals you now have to look out for!

I thought fixed deals offer price protection?

Fixed deals are thought to be the safe option. The pros of a fixed deal are that you have a fixed rate throughout your contract, meaning you are never affected by price rises.

However, 59 of these deals are fixed and frankly, very expensive.

The priciest is £175 higher than the cap and around £345 more than what you could pay on the cheapest deal.

Can I leave the deal?

Yes but at a cost. For example, British Gas’ fixed deal has an exit fee of £80 for gas and electricity.

Top 5 worst Big Six deals and exit fees

#Supplier NameTariff NameCostTariff TypeDurationExit fee
1British GasEverything Online Green Dec 20211255.04Fixed24 months£80
2npowerPrice Freeze March 20231254.61FixedUntil March 2023£60
3British GasHomeEnergy Secure May 20211230.36FixedUntil May 2021£80
4ScottishPowerHelp Beat Cancer Fix and Save January 20211228.81FixedUntil January 2021None
5npowerSuper Fix September 20211211.56FixedUntil September 2021£100

Is there no escape?

It can seem at every twist and turn, you can’t escape a rip-off deal. It is becoming harder and harder to feel confident with the deal you go for.

How do auto-switching services solve this?

With our service we assess the market on your behalf and make sure this is a competitive deal in every sense of the word.

Outsource the decision to the experts and we will wade through the jargon, review industry advice and ratings and take time to consider your needs – including customer service not just a cheap price.

The great thing is you can reap the benefits of a variable deal or a fixed deal. We’ll make sure the price is worthwhile before you go into a fixed deal and we’ll never make you pay early exit fees unlike other auto-switching services.

You can also get a cheap deal on a variable but we’ll keep an eye on the price and if it goes up, we’ll switch you over to a new deal – no fuss.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll never overpay for your energy bills with us.

#Supplier NameTariff NameCostTariff Type
1EBICoEbico Prime Fixed 18 v21312.29Fixed
2First UtilityStuRents Fixed February 20201288.12Fixed
3First UtilityFirst Control December 2020 v31276.92Fixed
4EBICoEbico Prime Fixed 18 v2 – Paperless1267.29Fixed
5PFP EnergySimple Clear1265.32Variable
6First UtilityStuRents Fixed February 2020 – Paperless1264.12Fixed
7British GasEverything Online Green Dec 2021 – Paperless1255.04Fixed
8Green Star EnergyFix for Longer 18M v11254.97Fixed
9Green Star EnergyFix for Longer 24M v11254.97Fixed
10npowerPrice Freeze March 2023 – Paper and Paperless1254.61Fixed
11First UtilityFirst Control December 2020 v3 – Paperless1252.92Fixed
12First UtilityFirst Fixed November 2020 v31251.31Fixed
13Green Star EnergyFix for Longer 18M v1 – Paperless1239.97Fixed
14Green Star EnergyFix for Longer 24M v1 – Paperless1239.97Fixed
15Orbit EnergyEasy Fix 36 – Oct18 – Paperless1239.66Fixed
16British GasHomeEnergy Secure May 2021 – Paper and Paperless1230.36Fixed
17ScottishPowerHelp Beat Cancer Fix and Save January 20211228.81Fixed
18ScottishPowerHelp Beat Cancer Fix and Save January 2021 Online – Paperless1228.81Fixed
19First UtilityFirst Fixed November 2020 v3 – Paperless1227.31Fixed
20First UtilityFirst Fixed January 20221225.75Fixed
21PFP EnergySimple Clear – Paperless1225.32Variable
22Green Star EnergyFix for Longer 36M v11222.41Fixed
23npowerSuper Fix September 2021 – Paper and Paperless1211.56Fixed
24GnERGYGnERGY Super Saver – Paperless1211.43Variable
25E.ONFix 2 Year with Clean & £2 – Paper and Paperless1209.2Fixed
26ScottishPowerHelp Beat Cancer Fixed Saver January 20211209.17Fixed
27ScottishPowerHelp Beat Cancer Fixed Saver January 2021 Online – Paperless1209.17Fixed
28Green Star EnergyFix for Longer 36M v1 – Paperless1207.41Fixed
29npowerGo Green Energy Fix September 2020 – Paperless1202.88Fixed
30First UtilityFirst Fixed January 2022 – Paperless1201.75Fixed
31British GasHomeEnergy Fix Jan 2020 – Paper and Paperless1199.44Fixed
32Sainsbury’s EnergyPrice Freeze January 2020 – Paper and Paperless1199.44Fixed
33GB Energy SupplyGB Fixed Green Energy Nov 19 – Paper and Paperless1199.21Fixed
34Simplicity EnergyDWMExclusiveWinter18v1 – Paperless1198.86Variable
35Simplicity EnergyMEXExclusiveWinter18v1 – Paperless1198.86Variable
36ESB Energy1 Year Price Protect v2 – Paperless1197.71Fixed
37npowerPrice Fix September 2020 – Paper and Paperless1195.03Fixed
38OVO EnergyBetter Energy 18/12/2018 – Paper and Paperless1195.01Fixed
39Spark EnergyDigital Saver v1 – Paperless1195Variable
40ScottishPowerOnline Fix and Save January 2020 – Paperless1192.86Fixed
41OVO Energy2 Year Fixed 18/12/2018 – Paper and Paperless1190.18Fixed
42Spark EnergySimple Saver March 20211188.5Fixed
43EcotricityGreen EV & Green Gas1187.19Variable
44E.ONFix 1 Year with Clean & £2 – Paper and Paperless1185.21Fixed
45E.ONFix 2 Year – Paper and Paperless1185.21Fixed
46PFP EnergyTogether – October 2019 – fixed e5 – Paper billing1184.38Fixed
47npowerGo Smart Yorkshire Fix April 2021 – Paper and Paperless1184.04Fixed
48EDF EnergyBlue+Price Freeze Feb21 – Paperless1181.23Fixed
49ScottishPowerOnline Fixed Saver January 2020 – Paperless1173.22Fixed
50SSESSE Smart 1 Year Fixed – Paper and Paperless1172.61Fixed
51First UtilityFirst Smart March 2020 v21171.44Fixed
52EDF EnergyBlue+Price Protection Jan20 – Paperless1171.31Fixed
53EBICoEbico Evergreen 12 Fixed v21167.82Fixed
54Robin Hood EnergyClean and Green v21167.82Fixed
55EngieENGIE Control Sept 21 – Paperless1162.71Fixed
56E.ONFix 1 Year – Paper and Paperless1161.22Fixed
57Bristol Energy2-Year Fix Green Issue 31156.66Fixed
58TOTO EnergyTOTO Fixed Saver – 18 months v4 – Paperless1153.17Fixed
59TOTO EnergyTOTO Smart Fixed Saver – 18 months v4 – Paperless1153.17Fixed
60PFP EnergyClearFixed 12 v14 – Paper billing1152.86Fixed
61E.ONE.ON Smart Saver 1 Year v7 with Clean £2 – Paper and Paperless1149.19Fixed
62First UtilityFirst Smart March 2020 v2 – Paperless1147.44Fixed
63PFP EnergyTogether – October 2019 – fixed e5 – Paperless1144.38Fixed
64E.ONFix Online with Clean & £2 – Paperless1141.22Fixed
65Spark EnergySimple Saver March 2021 – Paperless1140.5Fixed
66SSESSE 1 Year Fix & Protect – Paper and Paperless1137.87Fixed