What is energy auto-switching?

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Auto-switching (also known as automatic switching) is the simplest way to switch energy supplier and save money on your energy, every year. It’s the modern way to do bills without the headache and hassle of comparison sites. It’s the ‘why didn’t we do this before?’ moment we’ve been waiting for in energy switching.

People signed up to auto-switching sites switch from one good deal to the next – never rolling over to the expensive rates.

Energy Auto Switch

Auto-switching means the switch process is managed for you, it auto compares the market to find the best deal for you then switches you to it automatically. The auto-switching process notifies your old supplier that you’re leaving and sets up the direct debit with your new energy supplier (if you pay direct debit). 

Auto-switching is not the same as auto-comparison sites. Comparison sites offering an auto version is essentially an auto reminder or an auto comparison, whereas auto-switching reminds, compares and switches you. 

Why do we need auto-switching?

The notion of the ‘rational consumer’ has long been held up as the ultimate antidote to the clutches of big business. Nowadays, with an abundance of handy apps and comparison sites at our fingertips, for everything from energy deals to flights to funerals, we should have all the tools at our disposal to be the ultimate rational consumer.

Too much choice?

Choice galore. The more the better...right?

But figures year on year show that this argument doesn’t hold true. Despite all this choice, we aren’t rational. In 2018 only 18% of people switched their energy and despite greater public awareness about rip-off standard tariffs, around 57% of people are on the standard variable tariff. 

Comparison sites bombarding us with TV adverts (will they ever stop hurting our eyes?) and offering a whole multitude of deals doesn’t help us engage but instead leaves us paralysed into indecision; something consumer experts call ‘choice paralysis’. 

There can be little doubt that the buck cannot stop solely with us as consumers.

Don’t blame the consumer

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Why so? Trawling through pages of deals on comparison sites to switch energy supplier is quite understandably one of the last things we want to be doing in our spare time.

Plus, with 67 energy suppliers now on the market and more and more popping up everyday (with ever more quirky names – our favourite is Dong Energy – and all unanimously promising to do energy differently), it’s a minefield most of us quickly lose interest in.

And rightly so! The idea that we should be punished for failing to stay on our toes every year when our bills are hiked up threefold, calendar reminders at the ready, is completely out of touch.

We’ve got far more important things to be doing with our time. Yet right now the biggest losers end up inevitably being us. Our money is being siphoned into fat cat pockets, when our wallets are already squeezed.

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Auto-switching is here to save us

It’s time to do away with this utterly illogical and out-of-touch approach. Automatic switching offers a simple solution to saving on your energy bills which fits in with modern day lifestyles.

It will be the rational consumer you have neither the time nor energy to be. Always making sure you’re always on the best deal. Always making sure you’re protected from price rices.

So what is automatic switching?

Auto-switching is where you put your trust in us to find you a great energy deal every year. When your current deal runs out, we find you a new one. It’s a no-nonsense way to say “Yes I want to save money” once and once and for all.

How does auto-switching work?

You provide us with some basic details about your gas and electricity. Auto switching uses our clever algorithms to sort you an ideal deal according to your usage, energy meter type and compared to your current energy supplier.

How auto-switching works

Auto-switching sounds good but can I trust you to do the right thing for me?

We’ve got years of experience in the energy industry through our consumer collective the Big Deal. We know what makes our members tick; their biggest gripes about switching and what they really want from a supplier. This feedback was actually the inspiration for our service Look After My Bills which now has an incredible 500,000 people using it and an excellent rating on Trustpilot with over 15,000 reviews!

Not only that, our team is pretty nerdy about all things energy. We do our research into energy companies and only switch you to the ones who meet our high standards.

“One of the big things we’ve championed from the beginning has been turning gobbledygook technical jargon, like standing charges and unit rates, into easily understandable, human language everyone can understand.” – Lily, head of research at Look After My Bills.

Perhaps most importantly, we also know how to get a great deal. With our service our members save on average £250 a year but we’ve saved some people £400.

That’s why Jenny Campbell from Dragons’ Den invested in us back in August 2018. Jenny invested in us with Tej Lalvani and our deal actually made history for being the best! 

Automatic switching is the future

There is no doubt this change is coming. People are outsourcing more and more of their personal admin. And quite right too. People have better things to do than spend hours on comparison sites. Calling up god know how many different companies. Setting calendar reminders to remember to switch again.

All that can be put firmly in the past. Look After My Bills is like a wealth manager for ordinary people. Or as the Evening Standard described us: “a ray of hope”.

Switch energy supplier with Look After My Bills! It only takes a few minutes to sign up.

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