Frequently asked questions

Here we try to answer some of your most common questions. If these don’t help please contact our friendly team by emailing

About Look After My Bills

What is Look After My Bills and how does it work?

Look After My Bills, is a new service brought to you by the same people who created the Big Deal. Look After My Bills aims to remove all the hassle from switching your energy in one simple way, we’ll do it all for you.

It works like this:

  1. You sign up to Look After My Bills and provide your energy details
  2. Look After My Bills looks at the market and switches you to a great energy deal
  3. Look After My Bills keeps checking the market and switches you again when your deal is ending
  4. You sit back and relax, your energy is in our team’s safe hands. 
How will I know when Look After My Bills has switched me?

With Look After My Bills, you are always in control. You’ll get an email from Look After My Bills every time we are preparing to switch you. It will tell you who your new supplier is and the amount you pay for your electricity and gas based on what you’ve told us.

You should also get emails or letters from your new energy supplier.

Why do you need my bank details?

We ask for your bank details so that we can set up a Direct Debit with your new supplier. The Look After My Bills service is completely free and you will never be charged by us.

Suppliers pay us a commission for each switch. That’s how we make the service completely free for you.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

If something happens with your switch you need to contact Look After My Bills and we’ll look into it. You can email or call 020 3463 0820 and the team will be able to help you.

If something happens with your energy or your billing you need to contact your current supplier. Their details should be in the emails we’ve sent you or in the emails they’ve sent you themselves. If you’re unsure who your supplier is, then get in touch with Look After My Bills and we’ll be able to help.


Who is Look After My Bills for?

Although we’d love to cover everyone in the UK, Look After My Bills currently can’t be for everyone. Look After My Bills is for you if:

  • You are domestic energy customer (not a business).
  • You are a dual fuel customer (have both gas and electricity) or have just electricity.
  • You have a standard electricity meter or an economy 7 electricity meter.
  • You have access to the internet are happy to manage your energy account online, instead of getting bills in the post.
  • You’re happy to pay your bill by monthly Direct Debit.
Will Look After My Bills always get me the best deal?

Look After My Bills’ aim is to keep you on a fair deal forever.

That may not mean the very cheapest, that’s because we want to make sure we work with suppliers who value their customers and are committed to improving their customer service.

The service will always be free to you. We’re funded through commission with suppliers.

By the way we’ll only switch you if you can save at least £50.

I don’t like the supplier, you’ve chosen. How do I cancel my Look After My Bills switch it?

When you receive all the details about your new supplier you will have a 14 cooling off period with them to cancel the switch. Just give them a ring and ask them to cancel. You must inform Look After My Bills if you do this.

How do I cancel the Look After My Bills service?

To cancel the Look After My Bills service please email with the subject line CANCELLATION – [Your Name]. Please include your postcode in the email body as this will make it easier to locate your account. 

NB. Cancelling Look After My Bills will not cancel your energy deal. If Look After My Bills has moved you to a new energy deal you will remain on that deal if you cancel Look After My Bills.

Can I use Look After My Bills if

I have an Economy 7 (day/night) meter?

Yes, Look After My Bills can switch you if you have an Economy 7 meter. It is really straight forward. All you have to do is answer yes to the “Do you have an Economy 7 meter?”.

I live in Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Look After My Bills if you live in Northern Ireland. This is because Northern Ireland has a different system to the rest of the UK, meaning none of the companies that we can switch you to operate in Northern Ireland.

I have an Economy 10 meter?

Unfortunately, Look After My Bills cannot help you switch if you’ve got an Economy 10 meter. This is because most suppliers we work with either cannot supply Economy 10 meters or offer special tariffs only for Economy 10 meters.

I get the Warm Home Discount?

Yes, you can join Look After My Bills if you get the Warm Home Discount. You will be asked during the process if you receive the Warm Home Discount, make sure you tick the box, otherwise, we may switch you to a company that does not offer it.

If you get the Warm Home Discount for any other reason other than getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, make sure you contact your new supplier when we switch you to check you’re still eligible.

I’ve only just taken a new deal?

You are still more than welcome to join Look After My Bills. We continuously check the market and when your current deal is ending, we switch you!


I have a smart meter?

Yes, you certainly can use Look After My Bills if you’ve got a smart meter. However, at the moment smart meters may lose some functionality when we switch you. This means they may no longer send meter readings automatically back to your new supplier, so you may need to do that yourself when asked.

I have a prepayment meter?

Unfortunately, Look After My Bills is only available for customers paying by direct debit, but you can switch your prepayment meter if you visit our sister site There you can enter your energy details and you’ll then be shown a full list of all prepayment tariffs on the market.

I get a feed-in-tariff (FIT)?

Yes, you can use Look After My Bills if you have a feed-in tariff (FIT). Look After My Bills just switches your energy supplier so your feed-in tariff will still be your responsibility.

The FIT is completely separate to the energy supplied to your home, so when you switch your FIT will stay with the company it is currently with. You can switch your feed-in tariff to a different company, but not all energy suppliers offer a FIT.

You can find a full list of companies that offer FITs here:


When you switch me

Can I be cut off?

No, there is no danger of being cut off when we switch you. All energy companies use the same wires and pipes and therefore there is no chance of losing power, even for a minute.

Is the new company responsible for fixing a power cut?

No, the company who fixes a power cut does not change when you switch your energy supplier. Fixing power cuts is the responsibility of your local electricity distributor, not your electricity supplier.

No matter where you live in the country you can call 105 to report a power cut to your local distributor.

Do I have to contact my old supplier to tell them I’m leaving?

No, that’s the advantage about Look After My Bills! Your new supplier will contact your old one and request to transfer the account. Your new supplier will also ask for an opening meter reading, they’ll send these to your old supplier so they can close your account and calculate your final bill.

All you need to do is pay your final bill from your old supplier, or even better they may owe you money!


Can I be double charged?

No, you will never be double charged for the energy you’ve used. Your new supplier will set a “go-live” date and ask for an opening meter reading on that date.

Your old supplier bills for energy used before that; the new one bills for energy used after.

Will someone have to replace the wires and pipes?

No, when we switch suppliers for you, your electricity and/or gas meters are taken over by the new supplier. The new suppliers use the same pipes and wires, so they will not need to put new pipes and wires in.



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