How do I find my annual usage?

Most energy bills will have your annual usage figures on them. This may be written as your “estimated annual consumption”.

You can find your annual usage:

  • On a bill or statement from your supplier
  • By logging into your online account
  • Contacting your current supplier

We take these figures alongside the cheapest rates we find and calculate your monthly direct debit. The unit rates are the key to your energy bill – whereas your direct debit can go up or down based on how much energy you are using.

It is also recommended to give your current energy supplier regular meter readings, as this ensures you are billed correctly according to your usage, and not based on estimates. 

This is crucial, as if you are billed estimates for a long period of time, you find your account being under or over charged, meaning your energy bills will not be an accurate representation of your energy usage. This can lead to billing issues in the future. 

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to submit meter readings on your behalf. You must submit these directly to your supplier so they may bill you accurately. You can submit your readings to the supplier via phone, email or their online account. 

If you have found your bill or logged into your online account, but are still unsure how to find your annual usage, you can get in touch with your supplier.