My New Supplier has increased my Direct Debit?

If your direct debit has been increased recently, it could be because:

  • You are using more energy than the supplier expected;
  • Your supplier is expecting you to use more energy over winter;

If you suspect that this direct debit is too high (particularly if your energy account is in credit) your supplier may be able to lower your payment amounts.

If you contact the supplier directly, you can request that they do so.

Increasing the Direct Debit does not mean you are paying more for your energy, just that your energy supplier believes you are using more energy than they expected.

Your tariff’s unit rates and standing charge are what is important, and even if they have increased your direct debit, how much you are actually paying for your energy hasn’t increased (as the ‘price’ of your tariff is fixed), and an increased direct debit may just mean you build up credit instead.

If you are not using more energy, it’s best to give your energy supplier a meter read and they will readjust your direct debit straight away to match how much energy you are actually using.