Member Reviews

Member reviews

Since we launched our free service in January 2018 we’ve been growing quickly. Read our members’ reviews to find out why they joined Look After My Bills and what they think of our service. 

From Tracey who tried to review suppliers and switch every year to Jonathan who hadn’t switched his supplier in 7 years. Our members review their experiences of rising energy bills and how finding the time to switch to better deals proved difficult. 

Jayne’s review

Jayne's review

Jayne had been with Scottish Power for four years after they turned up at the door and sold her a deal. Since then Jayne hadn’t switched her energy, “I knew I should do something when the deal came to an end but life just got in the way”.

In March, Jayne signed up to Look After My Bills “I don’t have to do anything, someone else is taking control on my behalf. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

What made Jayne the happiest about joining Look After My Bills? “The email saying my bills will be £370 cheaper – that’s two flights to Spain! Everyone’s got to have gas and electricity but there’s money you can spend on something more interesting.” 

Eni’s review

We’ve got over 150,000 members using our free service. Saving on average £253 and 1 in 10 members saving over £400! There’s just one, 2 minute sign up and your bills are looked after forever. 

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Geoff's Review

Elaine's review

Jonathan's review

Jonathan's review

A loyal customer, Jonathan had been with Npower for 7 years. His bills started off at £250 but they gradually crept up “I just accepted that I have a family of four. We all leave the lights on and use too much gas. It was when it had gone up to £450 a month that I thought I must do something about it.”

Jonathan tried to get a better deal from Npower. “I always approach companies to say I’m thinking of changing, but they said I was on their best tariff therefore there wasn’t anything they could do.”

Disappointed, Jonathan decided to try Look After My Bills. “Once I signed up the communication that came through was friendly and informative. Look After My Bills told us what they were going to be doing, roughly when they were going to do it and when I should expect to hear from them.”

Tracey's review

Tracey had always switched her energy regularly “every time my bills started to go up we would start looking straight away. Although it would be 5 or 6 months before we actually got round to switching”.

“I shudder to think how much I’ve lost by not switching fast enough”.

Before Tracey joined Look After My Bills her fixed deal had expired and she found another great deal with her current supplier but was told “‘oh you’re an existing customer we can’t give you that”.

That’s when she thought “bugger this, I’m going to go to someone who will do it for me. With Look After My Bills I haven’t got to worry about it anymore”.


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