Best Asda Mobile SIM and mobile phone deals

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If you’re in the market for a SIM only deal, Asda Mobile is an excellent option. All plans are rolling SIM only deals that provide an ample quantity of data for a reasonable price. 

Read this explainer to learn everything you need to know about Asda Mobile and how to choose a SIM only deal for you.

Why should I choose an Asda Mobile SIM deal?

  • Affordability and value: There are plenty of cheap plans to suit people on a budget, with deals available from just £5 per month.
  • Flexible plans: You won’t have to commit to a long contract because all Asda Mobile SIM only plans run on a 30-day rolling basis.
  • EU roaming: Asda Mobile continues to provide inclusive roaming in 36 European locations –  unlike the majority of major networks which have brought back roaming costs.
  • Top-tier coverage: In order to offer superb coverage across 99% of the UK, Asda Mobile piggybacks on Vodafone’s trusted network. Additionally, its SIMs are all 5G-ready.

How to find the best Asda Mobile deal for me

Your monthly data allowance and price are the two most crucial factors to take into account when choosing a SIM deal from a provider such as Asda Mobile.

All of Asda Mobile’s monthly SIM bundles include unlimited minutes and texts, so the main factor to consider when choosing a monthly plan is how much data you’ll need.

Have a think about your phone usage patterns  – do you engage in a lot of data-draining activities every month or are you more of a light user? Then you can find a plan that best suits your requirements.

Then it just comes down to how much you’re willing to pay. So get your cost and data requirements set and you’ll be ready to find a worthy SIM deal.

Here, we’ve included our three cheapest deals with at least 5GB of data. But you can see more options by using the filters below.


Coverage area

Asda Mobile is powered by Vodafone’s dependable network. Both 3G and 4G signal is excellent, covering 99% of the UK. Simply enter your postcode into Asda’s coverage checker to see how your local service is.

All of Asda Mobile SIM card deals are also 5G-ready, allowing you to take advantage of Vodafone’s growing 5G network as long as you have a 5G phone and are in a 5G area.

Customer service

Many budget networks limit their support options to online-only features like web chat tools. Asda Mobile, on the other hand, has a telephone helpline. It’s a refreshing bonus for people who’d talk to a real person when they have a problem with their service. 

You can also get in touch with Asda Mobile via its social media channels, like X (Twitter) and Facebook. Asda Mobile’s support has been lauded for its quick responses, so hopefully any issues you may have will be resolved swiftly. 


What Asda Mobile doesn’t offer in the way of flashy extras like O2 Priority and high street discounts, it makes up for with a network that’s based on flexibility and affordability for all. Anyone can sign up for one of Asda Mobile’s 30-day SIM deals, even if they have poor credit history.

That lack of financial commitment required also means you’re never tied to the same terms for any length of time, so if you realise you need more data you don’t need to wait 12 months to change, you can get a new plan essentially right away! 

Asda Mobile is also one of the few phone networks to still not bring back EU roaming charges. So you can travel around various European countries, use your phone as you would in the UK, and not have to stump up for any annoying roaming charges!

Mobile app

The Asda Mobile app is a great way to stay on top of your account. Simply download the app onto your Android or iOS smartphone, and you’ll be able to check how much data you’ve used and all your other mobile habits, as well as your bills and spending. 

You can also use the app to switch your 30-day deal to a new plan, or purchase any add-ons you may want

Contract lengths

Asda Mobile keeps it short and sweet with its 30-day deals and that’s the only type of plan the network offers. It’s the ideal provider for anyone who wants to avoid the long-term commitments that other networks insist on, while enjoying the flexibility to chop and change bundles as often as needed. 

You won’t have to go through a credit check either, which is another plus point for Asda Mobile.


It’s encouraging to see that Asda Mobile still provides roaming in 37 European countries, even though several other networks have already reintroduced roaming charges.

That means you will not be charged more to use your calls, texts, or data allowance when you’re in any of the approved destinations. A 25GB data roaming cap will apply, but that’s a solid amount to use on a holiday. 

You’ll have to pay more if you travel outside of these specific areas. We recommend you check with Asda before you travel abroad because rates vary depending on where you’re off to.

Upfront costs or set-up fees

Great news, you don’t have to pay any hidden fees or set-up costs when you buy an Asda Mobile SIM. Just choose the deal you want, pay for the bundle and you’ll be ready to use your new SIM card the second it arrives. Then insert it into your mobile phone and you can start making calls!

Data rollover

Sadly, Asda Mobile lacks a data rollover feature, so if you do not get through your data by the close of the month, you will lose your remaining gigabytes. 

If you frequently have a lot left over at the month’s end, it may be a good idea to switch over to a lower data pack. Luckily, swapping plans is made simple by Asda Mobile’s adaptable 30-day deals, which can be switched and ended at any point with just 30 days’ notice.


Asda Mobile offers a selection of  bundles, ranging from £5 for 3GB data up to £20 for unlimited data. You can enjoy full flexibility to switch your bundle whenever you want thanks to Asda’s 30-day rolling deals. 

Wi-Fi calling

All Asda Mobile SIM customers can make free Wi-Fi calls. Instead of relying on a mobile connection when you’re at home, at work or on the move, 

Wi-Fi calling enables you to make and receive high-quality phone calls using a Wi-Fi connection instead of 4G or 5G.

Tethering policy

You’re free to use your Asda phone as a mobile hotspot to help other devices connect to the internet. Just remember that this could be a big drain on your data, so make sure you have enough of your monthly bundle left before you go ahead and start tethering. 

Asda Mobile mobile phone deals

Asda Mobile is a SIM only network, but it does offer mobile phones too. Unlike traditional pay monthly plans you won’t get any minutes or data, you’ll simply be paying off the price of the phone – so it’s an easier way to get a new phone, like the iPhone 15,  if you’re not able to buy one outright. Choose from any of the following devices and pair it with your Asda SIM only plan:

Other networks

If you want to see what more is out there before committing to an Asda Mobile SIM deal, there’s plenty to choose from. There are countless deals to pick from at various price points, with various data allowances and additional benefits. So explore deals from other networks  and you’ll certainly discover a deal that meets your requirements in no time at all: 


Will I need to sign a contract?

No, you don’t need to sign a contract for an Asda Mobile SIM only deal! All of this network’s SIM only plans are month-to-month rolling deals, so you’re free to cancel, change or swap your deal as often as you’d like with no lengthy financial commitment. 

Is Asda Mobile connected with Vodafone?

Yes, Asda Mobile is operated by way of Vodafone’s powerful network, so you get the benefits of the big brand’s connection, speeds and 5G, with more flexible Asda Mobile 30-day SIM deals. 

Can I get an Asda Mobile SIM only deal with poor credit?

Yes, having poor credit is no issue if you’re choosing an Asda Mobile SIM deal. That’s because Asda’s 30-day deals don’t ask you to commit for any longer than one month at a time.

So while the deal will continue to stay active for as long as you want it, you’re not bound by any payment plan, and you can change the bundle at any time, regardless of your credit history. 

If I get an Asda Mobile SIM only deal, can I keep my current mobile number?

Yes, keeping your mobile number when you switch to Asda Mobile is as easy as sending a text message, in fact that’s all you have to do! Just text 65075 and you’ll get a reply with your PAC code, which is what Asda Mobile will use to port your number over to your new SIM once you provide them with it.