Best EE SIM and mobile phone deals

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EE is a great option to consider if you want a SIM only deal or a new handset. It offers a wide variety of plans to accommodate everyone, along with fast speeds and extensive UK coverage.

Why should I choose an EE deal?

EE is one of the UK’s four major mobile networks. And it has a lot going for it.

First of all, it offers superior coverage throughout the nation. It has extensive 5G coverage over 310 locations, which makes it one of the UK’s top 5G providers. This is in addition to 99% 4G coverage. EE is certainly a network that goes to great lengths to connect all corners of the UK, and not just main cities and densely populated locations.

Every EE plan includes a number of helpful extras and useful features. You may share your extra data to your family and friends if they are EE customers, for instance. Some plans offer Inclusive Extras, which include free subscriptions to services like Netflix and TNT Sport. You can also get the wider Entertainment Data Pass, which gives you limitless streaming from services like Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Which other networks operate through EE?

EE is one of the UK’s major networks that runs its own infrastructure. All other UK mobile phone providers piggyback their service through one of the big four. BT Mobile and Lyca Mobile both use EE’s network.

Essentially if you choose a deal through a network that runs through EE, while you won’t be buying an EE deal in name, you’ll get exactly the same coverage, speed and quality of connection.

So which other networks use EE’s infrastructure? Let’s take a look:

BT Mobile

Given that BT owns EE, you could just as easily say that EE uses BT’s infrastructure. As a result, the two networks are able to work together in a way that most MVNOs cannot.

BT shares many of EE’s benefits, such as extremely fast 4G speeds, as well as 5G available wherever EE has switched it on. 

BT provides both VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and Wi-Fi Calling. Additionally, you can tether as much of your data as you like, enjoy free European roaming and get connected to 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots.

Some plans also include a free BT Sport (now TNT Sport) app subscription, which ordinarily costs £10 per month. 

But it’s important to note that BT Mobile no longer offers new customers deals as it’s beginning to fully merge its offering into EE. Current BT Mobile users can continue to use it, but new users are unable to sign up.

Lyca Mobile 

Lyca Mobile’s primary selling point is international calls, but it also provides deals with unlimited data, 30-day SIM only contracts, 5G, and free EU roaming.

Since the majority of its bundles include international calls to a variety of locations, Lyca Mobile is the best option if you regularly phone overseas or would like to start doing so.

And remember, since it runs through EE’s network, you get the same quality of service as one of the UK’s best networks.

There are a host of smaller providers that use EE’s network too such as: 

  • 1pMobile
  • Airwave Smart Mobile
  • Anywhere SIM
  • Axis Telecom
  • Delight Mobile
  • Econet Mobile
  • Go Mobile
  • Matrix Cellular
  • Simple Call Mobile
  • Vectone Mobile

How to find the best EE deal for me

This largely depends on your personal requirements and budget. 

Here’s a quick checklist to help you think things through:

Price: EE SIM only plans become costlier with the amount of data that’s included. However, prices go down with longer contracts. That’s why working out your data needs and length you’re willing to commit to are very important when deciding on a deal.

Data allowance: Do you usually use a Wi-Fi connection and only occasionally need to use mobile data for emails and light web browsing? In that case, a small data bundle of 1GB to 5GB should do the job. But you’ll need a heftier plan if you frequently use your phone for streaming content (video or music and) or work projects while on the move. Anything between  25GB or unlimited data would be sensible depending on your usage levels. 

Speed: It’s important to note that EE SIMs have varying speeds. While some have no speed limit, some have a cap of 100 Mbps. If you want the smoothest streaming quality or the fastest gaming experience, you should look for a plan with maximum speeds.

Contract duration: EE SIMs are offered on one-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts. Longer-term agreements are more cost-effective and some include EE’s Inclusive Extra benefit. In contrast, the monthly plan gives you the flexibility to change your terms (or even cancel) whenever you like. 

All EE SIM cards include unlimited calls and text.

Coverage area

EE is often touted as the best network in the UK when it comes to coverage, with 99% of the country covered by its service.

Additionally, it has the most rapidly expanding 5G network, which is now available in a multitude of large towns and cities nationwide.

To see what is available in your area, pop your postcode into its 4G and 5G availability tool. EE’s coverage is excellent overall.

Customer service

EE may not have topped Ofcom’s most recent customer satisfaction poll, but it performed well overall. And offers quick and easy ways for users to get in touch if they have issues with their service.

Both its webchat function and call centre are great sources of assistance whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a more detailed explanation. You can also access support material via the EE app and website. 


Wide 4G and 5G coverage – You’ll rarely be stuck without signal on an EE SIM. This network boasts some of the best coverage in the UK, with most of the nation connected to 4G and a 5G network that’s developing every day. 

Superb SIM only deals – Whether you want a big data deal or a lower cost plan, EE’s sprawling selection of deals ensures all budgets and needs are accounted for. 

Incentives and extras – From entertainment extras to data sharing features, EE goes all out to give you more bang for your buck when you sign up to a SIM-only deal.

All the latest phones – If you’re after a mobile phone plan, EE’s range of choice cannot be beat. From the brand new iPhone 15 to all of Samsung’s heavy-hitter devices and other Android favourites, there’s a handset for everyone on a great deal.


EE was one of the first networks to bring back roaming charges following Brexit. You must now pay a fixed daily fee of £2 if you use your phone  in Europe. There is no need to opt in, it just kicks in automatically. You will then have access to your normal plan while abroad. 

You can also choose to buy a £10 Roam Abroad Pass instead. With this, you’ll be able to use your mobile in 47 different cities across Europe in addition to Australia, Mexica, Canada and the US.

If you’re keen to avoid roaming charges completely, get a SIM only deal with O2 or Tesco Mobile instead.

Mobile app

It’s simple to manage your account with the My EE app. Just log into the app to check your bills, data usage and Smart Benefits. You can even use the app to share your data out to family and friends in need (as long as they are fellow EE customers). And there’s the Rewards section where you’ll find all those exciting extras. 

Contract lengths

EE provides contracts in varying lengths to accommodate all customers. Whether it’s a short 30-day SIM deal, a 12 month data bundle or a 24 month phone contract, EE will have you covered. 

Upfront costs or set-up fees

EE SIM cards are free! There’s no charge involved with setting up your account, just select the ideal SIM only deal and EE will provide you with the SIM card for no extra cost. You only have to pay for your calls, data and minutes. 

Data rollover

EE only allows you to carry over data if you have a pay as you go plan. However, EE does let you share your data out with other EE customers. So if you know you’re going to have some left over towards the end of the month, you could help out a friend in need and gift them some gigabytes. 


EE’s tariffs can cost more than those from other networks. However, you can still find a reasonable EE deal with a bit of savvy searching.

Cheap EE deals

Cheaper EE SIM packages usually come with longer contract terms and lower data allotments. You should anticipate losing out on some benefits, such as freebies and other incentives, when you choose the cheapest deals.

EE 30-day deals

If a long phone plan is not what you’re looking for then the best thing to do is jump on to a rolling 30-day plan. That way, you can cancel whenever you want. 

EE SIM-only 12-month deals 

Numerous 12-month SIM only deals are available from EE. Consider your required monthly data allowance and your willingness to spend more for extras when choosing the plan that is best for you.

Unlimited data EE deals

Always on your phone when you’re out and about? An unlimited data tariff could be what you need. And EE offers limitless data on an assortment of one-month, 12-month, or 24-month contracts.  

Wi-Fi calling

Can’t get any 4G or 5G signal and need to make a call? If you can get onto a Wi-Fi connection you’re in luck, as EE allows you to make calls over Wi-Fi. It won’t cost you extra either, it simply comes out of your usual calls allowance. 

And with public Wi-Fi so common now, you won’t have to worry about making that important call, even on some London Underground lines!

Tethering policy

Tethering involves using your phone’s data to provide an internet connection for another device. This is allowed on all EE plans, so you can transform your handset into a portable mobile hotspot and connect devices like laptops and tablets. Just be aware that they’ll use up your EE SIM plan’s data, so make sure you have enough to spare before connecting. 

EE mobile phone deals

EE is one of the best networks for pay monthly deals too, offering all the latest handsets like: 

Other networks

With so much competition in the UK mobile phone industry, you’d be forgiven for wanting to compare deals from other networks before choosing a deal with EE. And we recommend doing exactly that. These are the networks to consider when looking for a cheap SIM only deal:


Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, you’ll have to sign a contract for all long term EE SIM or phone deals. That’s because you have to agree to a payment plan. If you’d rather not do this, opt for a rolling month long deal or a pay as you go package.

Does EE only do 36 month contracts?

No, while EE does have 36 month contracts, they are not the only price plan on offer. You can also get very short term 30-day deals, or something in the middle like 12 or 34 month contracts.