Best Google Pixel 7 deals in January 2024

Google Pixel 7 green front and back image

The Google Pixel 7 offers a new spin on the search engine supremo’s Android OS, as well as an impressive set of specs. Keep scrolling for more information on the Pixel 7 and how to get the best Pixel 7 deals.

Alternatively, switch to a SIM only deal instead, keep your current phone and save some money on your monthly bills.

How to find the best Google Pixel 7 contract deals

There are plenty of Google Pixel 7 deals on offer so how do you make sure you get the best deal for you? Start off by figuring out how much data you need, as this will play a big part in determining the price. Then think about how long you want to sign up for – the longer the deal, the cheaper the monthly cost. 

You should also decide what storage size will cater to your needs and whether you’re happy to pay an upfront cost or not. Once you’ve got a rough idea on these factors, you’re all set to start comparing deals. 

We’ve also got Google Pixel 7 Pro deals if you want to get the larger version.


How much is the Google Pixel 7?

The Google Pixel 7 costs £449 for the 128GB version and £549 for 256GB SIM free if you buy direct from Google. 

However, you can likely get the Pixel 7 for less by spreading out the cost and signing up for a pay monthly deal with a reliable UK mobile phone network.

Can I get a Google Pixel 7 with no upfront cost?

If you’re not keen on paying anything upfront, then SIM free is out of the question and you’ll definitely have to find a pay monthly plan. The good news is that there is a wide selection of Google Pixel 7 deals available with no upfront cost from the likes of Vodafone, Three, O2, Sky Mobile and more. 

Can I get the Google Pixel 7 with unlimited data?

Unlimited data is what you need if you love to use your phone as an on the-the-move entertainment machine. Then, you’ll never be unexpectedly cut off for going past your allowance, or even worse, finding a surprise charge in your bull at the end of the month. 

The majority of UK networks offer unlimited data with their smartphone deals and the Pixel 7 is no exception.

What’s the cheapest way to get Google Pixel 7 contract deals?

The Google Pixel 7 is one of the Android world’s most popular smartphones, and while it’s not as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S23 range or Apple’s iPhones, it’s still towards the upper price bracket. 

That said, if you compare deals across networks, you can find a selection of different data bundles and contract length. This enables you to create a shortlist of deals that match your needs.

Can I get the Google Pixel 7 with poor credit?

Credit checks are usually required for Google Pixel 7 pay monthly plans. This is mainly due to the fact that you’ll be spreading the cost of the phone over a year or two, so you’ll have to formally agree to make a series of payments within a certain time. 

If you’re worried about passing a credit check or know that you have a poor score, your best bet is to opt for an older device that doesn’t cost as much. Or maybe even buy a phone outright and jump on to a rolling SIM only deal. 

Should I get a Google Pixel 7 SIM free?

The Google Pixel 7 starts off at a price of £449 if you get it SIM free. This means you won’t get a data or calls allowance with it, but you also won’t have to make any monthly payments. 

You also then have the flexibility of pairing it with a cheap SIM only deal. If you’re keen on lowering your monthly outgoings and don’t mind paying a lump sum upfront, this is a solid alternative to a traditional pay monthly phone plan.

Should I get a refurbished Google Pixel 7?

Refurbished phones are a better proposition than ever before. Not only are there a strong selection of reputable refurb retailers, the big networks have also jumped on the bandwagon and many also now offer refurbished devices that cost less than a brand new model. With that in mind, getting a refurb Google Pixel 7 could be a great way to pick up a premium smartphone for less while also lending a helping hand to the environment. 

Remember, if you get a refurbished Pixel 7 from a trusted provider, you’ll be getting a smartphone that’s undergone the full quality check process and will include a warranty, so there are no risks of getting a dodgy device. 

Which networks have the Google Pixel 7?

As it’s one of the biggest phone releases of the year, you can find Google Pixel 7 deals from all top UK mobile phone networks:

Is it worth upgrading to the Google Pixel 7?

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new Android device, then the Google Pixel 7 is a safe bet. It combines easy–on-the-eye design with a smooth operating system, dynamic display and excellent camera that punches above its weight thanks to clever processing technology. And since it costs less than most other flagship smartphones, it’s a bit of a bargain too. 

What’s the difference between the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 6?

If you compare the Google Pixel 7 to its predecessor you’ll find that the newer handset has updated design, a better camera, more powerful Tensor 2 processor, longer battery life and that latest Android 13 OS. It’s more than just a cosmetic upgrade – there’s a lot to admire in the improvements Google has added to the Pixel 7.

Google Pixel 7 features and specs

Check out the Google Pixel 7’s specifications:

  • Screen: 6.3-inch AMOLED display
  • Gorilla Glass Victus
  • Processor: Google Tensor G2
  • Cameras: 50MP main camera, 12MP Ultra Wide, 10MP selfie cam
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB

How long does the Google Pixel 7 battery last?

The Pixel 7 can run all day on just one charge, which includes activities such as watching videos and streaming music, as well as playing games and browsing social media. That’s more than adequate for a mobile at this price point. 

Google has also added a new Extreme Battery Saver mode that guarantees 72 hours of charge and enables you to nominate favourite apps that need to be used while others can be powered down. 

Is the Google Pixel 7 camera good?

Google has equipped the Pixel 7 with a primary 50MP camera, as well as a secondary 12MP ultrawide sensor. The latter lacks the same autofocus capabilities as the more expensive Pixel 7 Pro’s ultrawide lens. But that’s a minor quibble given how much cheaper this device is.

There are a slew of fresh and enhanced functions courtesy of Google’s new Tensor 2 chipset along with updates to the camera software, making the camera setup a clear winner. The newly introduced Photo Unblur feature allows you to fix blurry images  while the already-great Night Sight mode has been improved so that photos snapped in low-light conditions have even more clarity.449