Best Sky Mobile SIM and mobile phone deals

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Sky is famed as one of the biggest names in TV, but it’s also a fantastic mobile network with a wide range of handset deals and affordable SIM only offers. Learn more about Sky Mobile and what it takes to choose the best SIM or handset plan for you by reading our guide.

Why should I choose a Sky Mobile SIM deal?

  • Flexibility: The ‘Mix’ feature on Sky Mobile lets you change your plan at any time during a 12-month deal.
  • Rollover your data: Data you don’t end up using is automatically moved into your Sky Piggybank at the end of each month. You are free to use this extra data whenever you please. You may also share it with friends or family members who purchase a Sky SIM. It’ll stay in your piggybank for a total of three years. 
  • Excellent coverage: Sky Mobile covers 99% of the UK’s population thanks to O2’s outstanding 4G network.
  • Exclusive benefits for current Sky TV subscribers: In addition to receiving fantastic mobile deals, Sky TV subscribers also enjoy unlimited data-free streaming across all Sky apps.

How to find the best Sky Mobile deal for me

The two things to think about when selecting a SIM only deal with Sky Mobile, or any other network for that matter, are data allowance and price. After considering how you intend to use your Sky Mobile SIM only plan, look for a package that meets your needs. 

Sky Mobile offers unlimited talk and texts with all of its SIM only packages, so the main factor to take into account is the data allowance. Are you a big data user? Or more in the midrange? Perhaps you don’t use much data at all?

Sky’s SIM only plans cover the entire spectrum – you can choose from 3GB to 30GB, anything in between and beyond. Sky Mobile also has an impressive offering of the latest handsets, which you can get on a monthly contract.

You can compare our cheapest Sky Mobile data deals below. And use our filters to see more deals.


Coverage area

Sky Mobile is built on the O2 network. As a result, regardless of if you’re on a pay monthly phone contract or a SIM only deal, you’ll get 98.97% 4G coverage all over the UK, as well as 5G in many locations.

Customer service

Sky’s customer support line is open seven days a week from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm. The number to call if you need assistance with your Sky products is 033 3759 1716.

Sky has previously won awards for its  top class customer service. And it has promised to provide the same high level of service to new customers who join the company with a SIM only plan.


Sky customers get a variety of advantages with Sky Mobile, including the ability to view Sky TV and access Sky Apps while on the go without using up any of their data.

Any unused data you have leftover at the end of the month will be automatically rolled over to the Sky Piggybank, where you can use it anytime you want within three years


Roaming is no longer a part of the deals offered by Sky Mobile. Instead, to access your allowance overseas, you’ll need to purchase the Sky Roaming Passport Plus pass, which costs £2 per day.

Although it’s not the cheapest roaming option available, the Roaming Passport Plus has the advantage of operating in all EU member states as well as the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada.

Mobile app

The My Sky app covers all of the company’s products and is a useful way to check over your Sky mobile account.

You can view your current plan, bills, data use and what’s rolled over into your piggybank. You can even switch to a new plan.

And if you have other Sky accounts too, like TV or broadband, you can manage all the details for those in the app, too. You can also access a host of support options with a few quick taps of the screen. 

Contract lengths

Sky Mobile has a number of plans available to its customers. If you’re looking for a 12-month SIM only deal, a 24-month mobile phone package or even a rolling one-month deal, Sky has you covered.

Upfront costs or set-up fees

Sky Mobile SIM cards don’t require any set up fees or upfront cost. You simply pay for the deal you’ve selected and Sky will send you the SIM card in the post. 

Data rollover

At the end of each month, any unused data from your SIM only bundle is automatically transferred to your Sky Piggybank. You are able to use this additional data whenever you want. You can also give it to friends or family members who buy a Sky SIM if they’re in need of a data boost. It will be in your piggybank for three years before it expires. 


Sky Mobile has a variety of phone-inclusive contracts and SIM only deals on offer, starting from as little as £6 per month for an allowance of data, calls and texts. All of Sky Mobile’s tariffs include 5G too. So, provided you have a 5G-enabled device, you can get connected to the fastest mobile connections available.

Wi-Fi calling

You can make and take phone calls as well as exchange texts using Wi-Fi calling. If there is no signal, simply connect to nearby Wi-Fi on your smartphone and you’ll be good to go. With Wi-Fi calling, you can even use your phone on some London Underground lines and other places where there is no 4G or 5G connection. 

Tethering policy

Tethering is another feature that Sky Mobile customers can take advantage of as part of their mobile phone package. It doesn’t cost any money, but turning your phone into a mobile hotspot will use up your data.  Keep in mind that Sky Mobile has very flexible data policies. And any unused data you have at the end of the month will be automatically added to your piggybank.

Sky Mobile phone deals

Sky Mobile has a full range of mobile phone deals to compare too. From the latest handsets to older models, you can find all sorts of bundles to suit all budgets. Here’s a look at some of the phones you can get on a Sky Mobile pay monthly contract:

Other networks

One of the great things about the UK mobile phone market is the level of competition amongst companies. So if you don’t find a deal you love with Sky, rest assured another network will have exactly what you’re looking for. Read up on the following brands and you’ll no doubt find a top deal in no time: 


Will I need to sign a contract?

That depends on the type of deal you choose. If you opt for a longer plan that stretches over 12 or 24 months, you will have to sign a contract to confirm that you’ll make the required payments. However, if you don’t want to make this type of financial commitment, your best bet is to go for a rolling 30-day deal that you can cancel at any time. 

Does Sky Mobile only do 36 month contracts?

No, Sky Mobile has a wide range of contract lengths on offer. From as short as 30 days for the people who want flexibility right through to 12, 24 and 36 months for those who want to a longer deal. There’s a price plan for all budgets.

Is O2 connected with Sky Mobile?

Yes, Sky Mobile is an MVNO, which means it bases its service off of a larger network, in this case, O2. This means you get the same coverage and speed as an O2 deal but with the benefits and prices that Sky Mobile offers. 

If I switch to Sky Mobile can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, you are free to keep your current phone number. Just get your PAC code by sending a text to 65075, then give this code to Sky Mobile and they’ll make sure you have the same number.

Is a Sky Mobile SIM only plan cheaper than a pay monthly phone deal?

Yes, SIM only plans are typically less expensive than mobile phone contracts.

SIM only contracts don’t require you to pay off the price of a phone over the duration of the deal. You only have to pay for your data, calls and texts. And this significantly reduces the overall cost.

Also, phone contracts tend to last longer than SIM only deals, so there’s less of a long term financial commitment involved too.