Best SMARTY SIM only deals

SMARTY mobile

Great value SIM only deals are the main focus of SMARTY. Customers are not locked into lengthy contracts and the network doesn’t offer mobile phone deals. 

Rather, there are a selection of 30-day plans to pick from, each with generous data allocations and unlimited talk and text. For those who prefer flexibility in their plans, SMARTY represents a top option with some exciting benefits too. 

Why should I choose a SMARTY SIM deal?

There are many benefits to picking a SIM only deal with SMARTY:

  • Excellent coverage: Since SMARTY is on the Three network, you can enjoy 3G and 4G coverage in 99% of the UK as well as an expanding 5G network.
  • Fast connections: Three’s network is among the UK’s fastest, so SMARTY users will also experience those fantastic speeds.
  • Roaming: SMARTY’s plans all enable users to utilise their UK data allotments in the EU.
  • No credit check: SMARTY is among the few phone service providers that don’t demand credit checks for its SIM only deals.
  • Flexible 30-day contracts: All of Smarty’s contracts are month-to-month rolling agreements. Beyond the first 30 days, there are no obligations, so you can cancel the plan whenever you want.
  • Suggest a friend: Get a buddy to join SMARTY and you’ll both receive a £10 gift card from your choice of Uber, John Lewis or Amazon.
  • Simple add-ons: Data extras are extremely easy to use and only cost £1 per GB. Therefore, it’s very simple to increase your allowance if you get caught short. 
  • Money back: Any unused data at the month’s end month will be automatically taken off the following bill at a rate of £1 for every 1GB that wasn’t used.

How to find the best SMARTY deal for me

Think about your potential data needs, as well as your budget, when searching for a SIM only deal.

Then, check out the deals above  to compare SMARTY SIM only packages.

When you identify a deal you like, simply click the link and we’ll direct you to SMARTY’s website where you can register and get your SIM sent out to you.

If you’re looking to join SMARTY, take a look at our three cheapest deals that come with 5GB or more. And if they’re not what you’re looking for, use our filters to find the right deal for you.


Coverage area

SMARTY operates its network through Three’s infrastructure. As one of the UK’s ‘Big 4’ providers, Three boasts 3G and 4G coverage over 99% of the UK, with an ever-growing 5G network too. So sign up to SMARTY and you’ll enjoy coverage from one of the UK’s best networks.

Customer service

SMARTY does not offer a phone number you can call for tech help. But you can get assistance through web chat any day of the week (except on bank holidays) from 8am to 8pm.


SMARTY doesn’t provide flashy, attention-grabbing incentives for customers, like the freebies and affordable tickets offered by the likes of O2 Priority. But what you do get is a network that is more focused on good value.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some attractive selling points too:

No lengthy contracts: Monthly rolling contracts are the basis for how SMARTY plans work. So you have complete flexibility to cancel when you want.

Widespread coverage: SMARTY uses the fast Three network. You’ll enjoy 99% 4G coverage throughout the UK.

EU roaming: Unlike many other networks, you are able to use your data allowance in European countries with a SMARTY SIM only deal.

Group deals: For each SIM you include in a group plan, you can save 10% off your bill.

Mobile app

The brand-new SMARTY app is jam-packed with fantastic features that make controlling your account incredibly easy. Monitor your usage habits, turn on your SIM card, recommend SMARTY to others, and more.

You can easily view your current month’s data, call, and text usage from the app’s home screen. Additionally, the History section provides all the information you require if you want to review your usage from earlier months.

Setting up your SMARTY deal is simple via the app too. to set up. Once you have your SIM, you can quickly log in and activate it with a few quick clicks. You can even port over your old phone number within the app.

On top of that, SMARTY’s support bot is available in-app 24/7.


SMARTY continues to provide free EU with all of its deals, unlike some major networks that are scaling back on inclusive international roaming.

Your SIM only plan operates as usual while you’re in the EU at no additional cost. There’s a fair use data limit of 12GB per month, but that ought to be plenty to cover your mobile needs during your time away. If you do run out, you’ll have to purchase a data add-on.

If you’re venturing out of the EU, you’ll need an out of plan add-on. Check ahead of time because prices vary by destination.

Contract lengths

Rolling 30-day contracts are SMARTY’s bread and butter. You are free to switch, modify and alter your terms every month if you like. With that flexibility, you’re also free from a long term financial contract. With this in mind, SMARTY might be the best option for you if you’re keen on a SIM only plan that doesn’t involve a big commitment. 

Upfront costs or set-up fees

You can get a SIM card for free from SMARTY, select your deal later and activate the plan online using SMARTY’s app. SMARTY won’t ask for any setup fees at all. You only have to pay for the calls, messages and data you use. 

Data rollover

Instead of rolling your data into the next month, SMARTY takes money off your bill if you have any GBs left over (£1 off for every GB remaining). This way, you won’t accumulate a load of data that you may never use. If you don’t use all of your data each month and want to save money, the SMARTY money off bonus could be ideal for you.


SMARTY simply provides straightforward rolling SIM only deals based on the amount of data you need.

The various data allowances on offer are: 

  • 5GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 40GB
  • 100GB
  • 150GB
  • 200GB
  • Unlimited 

Wi-Fi calling

All of SMARTY’s data plans include Wi-Fi Calling. So even if there’s no 4G or 5G signal you can make calls anywhere if there’s WI-FI, whether it’s a cafe, train station, supermarket or some London Underground lines. 

Tethering policy

SMARTY gives you the freedom to use your mobile data however you like, and that includes tethering. So if you need to get another device connected to the internet, like a laptop, you can quickly turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot. 

SMARTY mobile phone deals

SMARTY doesn’t provide mobile phones with any of its deals, it’s a SIM only only network. That said, if you’re looking for a new smartphone we have a range of great deals for all the latest handsets on other networks. Choose the phone you want to see and compare deals: 

Other networks

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Will I need to sign a contract?

No, SMARTY’s deals don’t involve any contracts or long term payment plans. That’s because the network only offers 30-day SIM only deals. That means no credit check, either. It’s a great way to get connected without any fuss or financial commitment. 

If I switch to SMARTY can I keep my current mobile number?

Yes, there’s no need to change numbers with a new SMARTY deal as porting your number over is very easy. All you need is your PAC code, which you get by sending a text to 65075. then just give your PAC to SMARTY when you sign up for a deal and they’ll do the rest. 

Is SMARTY on 5G?

Yes, you can use 5G for no extra cost on any SMARTY deal, you just have to have a 5G phone and live in a 5G area to get connected.

Does SMARTY do 36 month contracts?

SMARTY doesn’t provide 12, 24 or 36-month contracts. Its plans are all rolling 30-day deals that renew themselves automatically at the end of each month, unless you decide to cancel.

So you’re free to switch to a new network with just 30 days’ notice. You can even chop and change to different SMARTY plans until you find the ideal match for your usage. 

Is SMARTY connected with Three?

SMARTY is a mobile phone provider unto itself, but it piggybacks off Three’s network infrastructure. That means all SMARTY users get the same great benefits of Three – extensive UK coverage, fast speeds and 5G in more and more locations.