Best VOXI SIM only deals

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If you’re looking for a flexible, no-credit-check SIM only deal that you are able to cancel whenever you like, VOXI could be the perfect fit. It also provides unlimited social media access without using up your data allowance. And since VOXI is powered by Vodafone’s network, you can be certain that you’re getting a top quality connection. 

Why should I choose a VOXI SIM deal?

  • Rolling contracts: If you’re on the hunt for a SIM only plan that offers you excellent flexibility and outstanding value, VOXI may be the perfect option. One of the benefits of using VOXI is that it offers rolling 30-day contracts that you can cancel or change at any time. Additionally, there is no need for a credit check, so signing up is quick and simple.
  • Fantastic coverage: VOXI piggybacks off Vodafone’s top-rated mobile network to provide 98% 4G coverage to all of its customers across the UK. Also, it offers 5G in several UK locations, with new spots being added all the time.
  • Limitless social media: All VOXI plans include endless social media access without data cap. You are free to scroll, like, post, and share whenever you want.
  • Free streaming: Some VOXI plans also offer data-free streaming on platforms like YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix. That means you can binge through a whole box set without having to worry about running out of data.
  • Friendly freebies: If you tell your friends about VOXI, the network will reward you with gifts! You and your pal will both get a £40 Amazon gift card when your friend joins up with the network on one of its deals.

How to find the best VOXI deal for me

Your monthly data allowance, agreement length and overall cost are the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing a new SIM deal.

You just need to figure out how much data you use in addition to social media and streaming since VOXI includes those as a free perk. Also, VOXI doesn’t offer long term contracts, instead providing short term deals. With that in mind, your best bet is to simply browse the network’s selection until a package catches your eye. 

Check out our three cheapest VOXI data deals that come with at least 5GB per month. Or if you’re looking for something else, use our filters to find the right deal for you.


Coverage area

Thanks to its use of the Vodafone mobile network, VOXI is able to provide all of its plans with 98% nationwide 4G coverage and 5G in an increasing number of UK destinations. So whenever you are in the country, a VOXI SIM only deal is likely to be a good bet. 

Customer service

Although VOXI currently lacks a customer service phone number, you can contact them through their official Twitter and Facebook pages or by visiting their customer service website.

Alternatively, send a letter to: VOXI Customer Relations Manager, Vodafone Limited, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN .


VOXI’s benefit offering includes: 

Limitless Social Media: Spend more time using the best social media apps to do the things you love. Share, snap, swipe, and like as much as you want with the assurance that your data won’t be used.

Video without limits: Stream unlimited video without using any of your data.

Immense flexibility: Dissatisfied with your plan? Do you need extra data? No worries. You can pause, modify, or cancel the deal at any time.

 Calls & Texts: Every contract for VOXI customers includes unlimited calling as the norm.

Mobile app

VOXI doesn’t have an app for your smartphone, but you can create an online account to access your details and check your usage. Just head over to the VOXI website to sign up.


Sadly EU roaming fees have been reinstated by VOXI. As a result, using your mobile in Europe will now incur a small cost.

You can choose to purchase a European Roaming Pass for different number of days, here’s how much it costs: 

  • One day for £2.25
  • Two days for £4
  • Eight days for £10
  • Fifteen days for £15. 

With a roaming pass, you can use as much of your data as you want (with a fair usage cap of 20GB).

You can also get Global Roaming Extras passes if you’re travelling beyond the EU. These cost £15 for 8 days of use and £25 for 15 days.

Unfortunately, you don’t get unlimited social access when you’re using a roaming pass.

Contract lengths

VOXI only offers one type of contract length – rolling 30 day deals. You’re free to switch, amend and change your terms as often as you like on a month by month basis. This also means you’re not making any sort of long term financial commitment. If you’re looking for an extremely flexible SIM only deal, VOXI could be the choice for you. 

Upfront costs or set-up fees

VOXI doesn’t charge any set up fees. You can even get a blank SIM card for free, choose your deal afterwards and activate the plan via VOXI’s website. The only thing you pay for is your calls, texts and data allowances. 

Data rollover

You are unable to roll over unused data with VOXI deals. The good news is that you get unlimited social media data instead. So you can share as many Instagram Stories as you want without ever having to worry about using up your data allowance.


VOXI only offers five different rolling 30 day deals with a range of data options: 20GB, 30GB, 90GB, 100GB or unlimited data. Remember, data used on social media platforms doesn’t come out of your allowance. And you can choose a plan that includes free music and video streaming too. 

VOXI also sells mobile phones, but these are separate from its SIM only deals. If you choose to buy a new phone through VOX, such as the new iPhone 15, you simply pay off the phone over a long term contract and pair it with your chosen SIM only plan. 

Wi-Fi calling

If you can’t get any phone reception, VOXI’s  Wi-Fi calling enables you to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi. All calls you place using the feature are free of charge and are deducted from your standard allowance. You won’t be randomly disconnected either because calls automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile signals depending on which connection is available.

Tethering policy

You can tether a different smartphone or tablet to your VOXI device, but you can’t connect larger devices like a smart TV, games console or streaming stick. Remember, if you turn your phone into a mobile hotspot, any data consumed by the tethered device will come out of your monthly allowance. 

VOXI mobile phone deals

VOXI provides mobile phones too, and you can get a brand new smartphone separately from your SIM only deal. You’ll still be paying the device off monthly, but you’re free to change your SIM plan at any time.

Other networks

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for with VOXI, check out a deal with another UK network instead:


Will I need to sign a contract?

No, there are no contracts involved with VOXI’s SIM only deals. That’s because they’re rolling 30 day plans that can be cancelled or changed at any time. You won’t need to go through a credit check either. 

Can I get 5G with VOXI? 

Yes, all of VOXI’s SIM deals are 5G-ready at no additional cost. Provided your mobile phone is 5G-compatible and you use your phone in an area that’s had 5G switched on, you can use your VOXI SIM for superfast connections. 

Can I keep my phone number if I get a VOXI SIM only plan?

Yes, your phone number is safe when you switch to VOXI. Just text 65075 to get your PAC code, then provide VOXI with the code when you choose your deal and they’ll automatically assign your number to your new deal. 

Does VOXI do 36-month contracts?

No, VOXI’s deals are all of the 30-day variety, so there’s no financial commitment or long term agreement to be tied down to. You can mix up your plan as often as you like with just one month’s notice. 

Do I need to pass a credit check to get a VOXI SIM only deal?

No, since VOXI’s deals are all rolling monthly plans, you won’t need to undergo any sort of credit check. It’s the perfect network for anyone who may be worried about bad credit getting in the way of securing a SIM deal.

Is Voxi connected with Vodafone?

Yes, Vodafone owns VOXI. So you benefit from the same excellent network, speed and coverage as one of the largest mobile phone providers in the UK when you sign up for a VOXI SIM only deal.