Cheap mobile phone deals in January 2024

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If you’re in the market for a cheap mobile phone deal, you’ll be pleased to know there are loads of bundles to choose from. Whether you’re after an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or a cheap Android, you’ll find a range of deals with different data plans at varying prices. 

You’ll be delighted to hear that even the latest smartphones are available on cheap deals if you shop around and choose wisely. Not sure where to start? Let’s dive into all the details you need to know about how to find the best cheap mobile phone deal for you.  

Alternatively, you might want to get a cheap SIM only deal to save more money.

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How do I get a cheap phone deal?

A cheap phone deal could mean different things to different people. For instance, you may mean the new iPhone 15 on a 24-month contract with a big data bundle at a rate you’re happy with.

Or perhaps you want an older model with minimal mobile data. So the first thing to do when you’re on the hunt for a new phone is to weigh up your priorities and what you actually want from the package. 

Are you keen to get a premium smartphone on an attractive deal? Or are you happy with an older handset? Do you need a lot of data? Or can you get by on a small amount? Are you okay with signing up to a long term contract? Or would you prefer to go for as short-term as possible? Are you looking to spread the whole cost over the course of your contract? Or are you willing to pay a chunk upfront?

All of the above factors (and more) will affect the cost and payment structure of your deal. So work out the type of phone you want, the amount of data you’re likely to use each month, how long you want to sign up for and what your overall budget looks like. 

Once you’ve got a good handle on all of those factors you’ll be well placed to find the best cheap deal available that’s a match for your requirements. 


How much should I pay for a mobile phone deal?

There’s no hard rule on how much a mobile phone deal should cost. Instead, it comes down to the individual signing up for the plan. You should only pay the amount you can afford. So work out your budget before you get started. 

Once you’ve established what your ideal monthly outgoings look like for a mobile phone deal, you can begin to shop around and compare deals. Whether you’re after an iPhone, Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy, you’ll discover that even brand new flagship smartphones are available on affordable monthly price plans. Sometimes you may have to pay a fee upfront or stretch the price plan over a longer contract. There are always ways to match your ideal mobile phone to your budget.

How can I get a cheap iPhone?

Apple’s iPhones are some of the most desirable smartphones on the market – and that’s no surprise when you look at Apple’s domination of the tech world. The Californian company makes powerful products that appeal to both design-conscious and spec-obsessed consumers alike. In many ways the iPhone is Apple’s most iconic device. It undoubtedly changed what a mobile phone could be forever and is recognised all over the world. 

A new iPhone release is one of the biggest events on the global tech calendar, and as with all its products you can expect to pay the Apple premium for each latest handset. 

With prices for the top-tier iPhones stretching past the £1,000 mark, it can be an eye-watering sum of money to part with in one go. And here’s where a pay monthly contract comes in. If you want an iPhone but don’t want to pay upfront, you can spread the cost over two or three years to make it much more affordable. And with a wide selection of offers for each device available, you can compare deals to get as cheap an iPhone as possible. 

Take a look at what you can expect to pay for a pay monthly iPhone deal:

Cheap iPhone 15 deals

The new iPhone 15 is one of the best reviewed phones ever released. And if you choose a mobile phone deal, you can snap one up for just £29 per month with £149 upfront over a 24-month contract with unlimited data included. 

Compare cheap iPhone 15 deals

Cheap iPhone 15 Plus deals

The iPhone 15 Plus offers the same specs as the regular model – with a bigger screen. If you’re looking for a cheap deal you can currently get one for £38 a month with £99 upfront and 450GB data, on a 2-year deal. 

Compare cheap iPhone 15 Plus deals

Cheap iPhone 15 Pro deals

The iPhone 15 Pro delivers souped up specs in the way of a sharper screen, better camera and more. Get the flagship iPhone 15 Pro on a 24-month contract for £39.99 per month with £139 upfront and 150GB of data. 

Compare cheap iPhone 15 Pro deals 

Cheap iPhone 15 Pro Max deals

The iPhone 15 Pro Max takes everything that’s fantastic about the Pro and wraps it up in an even bigger screen. You can get Apple’s ultimate handset from £45 per month with £199 upfront with 100GB or data to use. 

Compare cheap iPhone 15 Pro Max deals

Cheap iPhone 14 deals

Last year’s iPhone 14 is still an excellent handset, with enough power, speed and specs to be perfect for most people. And since it’s now been replaced by the iPhone 15 as the latest model, you can get it for less than ever. Sign up for a 24-month deal and pay as little as £29 per month with £9 upfront. 

Compare cheap iPhone 14 deals

Cheap iPhone 14 Plus deals

The iPhone 14 Plus may be over a year old but that just means you can get this excellent phone on a cheaper deal than before. How does £30 per month with £129 upfront and unlimited data sound? 

Compare cheap iPhone 14 Plus deals

Cheap iPhone 14 Pro deals

The iPhone 14 Pro is last year’s flagship Apple smartphone. It debuted the Dynamic Island feature and delivers a super sharp display, excellent camera and all day battery. If you’re not keen on spending big bucks on the brand new model, it’s a fantastic alternative with deals available from £40 per month with £139 upfront. 

Compare cheap iPhone 14 Pro deals

Cheap iPhone 14 Pro Max deals

Apple always saves the best for last, and its iPhone 14 Pro Max is easily the best handset of the range. With a bumper display and even better camera it’s perfect for streaming content, editing photos and sharing updates. Get this smartphone on a cheap deal for only £45 a month with £99 upfront. 

Compare cheap iPhone 14 Pro Max deals

What’s the cheapest iPhone?

If you’re talking about SIM free price, the cheapest iPhone you can get is the iPhone SE. Released in 2022, the iPhone SE is Apple’s rare foray into the budget (or midrange) market with a handset that takes the look and design of the old iPhone 8 but boosts it with specs that are more inline with current models. So while it looks more like an older iPhone, it still provides you with specs that keep pace with the competition.

It retails for a lot cheaper than regular flagship iPhones, and that also means you can get it on a very cheap pay monthly plan, with deals starting from as little as £13 per month with £9 upfront. Compare that to other iPhone deals and you’ll see it’s a real bargain.

Compare cheap iPhone SE deals

Which cheap Android should I choose?

There are plenty of Android phones on the market, from big name brands and smaller tech companies. But here in the UK the most popular Android smartphones tend to be either the Samsung Galaxy range or the Google Pixel. 

Here’s what cheap mobile phone deals for the best Android devices look like:

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 deals

Samsung’s latest and best phone has only just been announced. And yet there are already some fantastic preorder offers that get you double the storage for no extra cost, along with a free Galaxy Watch 6 and a 12-month subscription to Disney Plus.

Compare cheap Samsung Galaxy S24 deals

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 deals

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is the entry-level device in Samsung’s flagship smartphone range – and it’s amongst the Android world’s best handsets with a 6.1-inch display, 50MP camera and the latest operating system to deliver optimum performance. Get it on a cheap deal from around £27 a month with £9 upfront. 

Compare cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 deals

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals

The S23 Ultra is the ultimate Samsung Galaxy smartphone, with a dynamic 6.8-inch display and incredible 200MP camera! Despite being one of the most expensive devices on the market, you can get a good deal on a pay monthly plan for £30 per month with £199 upfront. 

Compare cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals

Cheap Google Pixel 8 deals

Google’s latest smartphone is the brand new Pixel 8. Powered by the new Tensor G3 chip, the Pixel’s display, camera and battery life go toe-to-toe Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices. Get a cheap deal from just £27 a month with nothing to pay upfront. 

Compare cheap Google Pixel 8 deals

Cheap Google Pixel 8 Pro deals

Google Pixel 8 Pro includes the same Tensor G3 chip but with a bigger 6.7-inch display and 50MP camera. Sign up for a cheap pay monthly deal from just £30 a month with £150 upfront. 

Compare cheap Google Pixel 8 Pro deals

Should I buy a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones differ from typical used phones in several ways. As opposed to a second-hand phone that someone’s been using for a long time and has laying around the house, a refurb might be a new device that was sent back by a consumer with a minor problem, which the manufacturer fixed before selling on it as a refurb.

Or it’s possible that the previous owner sold it back to the phone company or shop so they  could upgrade. If you’re lucky, they might have just decided to return it unused because they had second thoughts. In that scenario, you’ll practically get a brand-new handset for a lot less money.

Reputable sellers will always inspect, fix and make sure all refurbished devices meet a specified quality before they’re sold on. So as long as you buy from a trusted company, you’ll always get a handset you can rely on. 

Most refurbished phones will have a rating system to display the phone’s condition. So you’ll be fully aware of what you’re buying. For instance they could be A grade for near-mint devices, B grade for slight use, C grade for signs of wear… etc. 

So should you buy a refurbished phone? Here are the pros and cons:


  • It costs a lot less. Purchasing a refurbished smartphone can result in savings of several hundred pounds.
  • Unlike buying a second-hand phone from an individual seller, refurbished phones will have undergone professional inspection and maintenance.
  • In addition to doing thorough testing, the business must remove any data that the previous owner may have left behind to avoid breaking the Data Protection Act. So you won’t have to delete anyone’s holiday snaps before you start using the phone. 
  • Your refurbished phone also will be covered by a warranty period (as long as you buy one from a reputable provider)
  • It’s better for the environment. Get a refurbished device and you’ll be doing your bit to avoid tech waste.


  • You may not be able to get recently released handsets. If the phone you want has just been launched, then you may have to wait a while before it shows up on the refurb market. 
  • There may be minor blemishes or marks. Depending on the refurb grade of your handset, you might get a device that has a few marks or scratches that don’t affect the performance. 

As you can see the pros outnumber the cons. And we’re big fans of refurbished devices to provide a wallet-friendly alternative to new devices and help the environment too.

So if you’re looking for a new cheap mobile phone deal you don’t have to go very far. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, a smartphone from a few years ago or a refurbished handset, we have plenty of affordable deals to view and compare