Tips and tricks to boost your iPhone battery life

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Always running out of battery? Discover some hacks to make your iPhone battery life last longer. 

We’ve all experienced that moment of dread when the iPhone battery bar turns red. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times, too, like when we’re about to pay online or use the maps to get home safely. 

Many iPhone users complain about poor battery life, with tech giant Apple facing a potential lawsuit for “throttling” older iPhones

We’re all finding ways to save money on our batteries in the long run. This means not having to replace your iPhone battery or getting a new handset earlier than you had planned. 

We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks to cut back on how many times your iPhone needs charging. 

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iPhone battery hacks

Here are some things you can try to squeeze more life out of your Apple iPhone battery:

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Adjust Screen Brightness

More often than not, just tweaking your iPhone’s screen brightness can make a huge difference. 

Manually adjust your screen brightness so that you can still see the screen on a less dazzling setting. 

Here are a couple of ways to do this on your iPhone: 

  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness. Use the slider to adjust how much brightness you’d like. 
  • Open the Control Center and use the sun icon to adjust your brightness levels. 

If you don’t want your brightness settings to change, go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size and turn off Auto-Brightness. 

Display the iPhone battery percentage

To keep an eye on your battery life, you need to know exactly how much battery you’ve got. 

There is an iPhone battery icon in the top-right corner of your Apple phone screen. It will tell you how much battery is left, but it’s easier to have a precise number instead.

For this, head to Settings > Battery and click on Battery Percentage. There, you can see exactly how much battery remains in your phone.

iPhone battery

Use Low Power Mode

One of the handiest tools against losing your iPhone battery is the Low Power Mode feature. 

When this is on, your iPhone will reduce your power usage and only optimise performance for important stuff. This includes calling, emailing, surfing or messaging. 

Your phone will automatically go into Low Power Mode if your iPhone battery falls below 20%. But to manually do it, here’s what you need to do:

Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. When activated, your battery icon will turn yellow. Keep in mind that you can only put this on if your phone battery is below 80%. 

Turn off Location Services and GPS

You need location services for Google Maps but it can wear down your battery before you reach your destination. 

However, bear in mind that this will disable a lot of apps like your weather app or bus travel. But you can always customise which apps use it by choosing different options for each app. 

For example, you can select While Using the App for Google Maps and your bus travel app. 

To completely turn off your location services, Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services. 

iPhone Location Services

Turn off Background App Refresh

Turning off Background App Refresh can also give a lot more juice. If it’s left on, apps constantly refresh in the background – even when you think they’re not in use.

To switch off this feature, all you need to do is go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Off. 

Even the iPhone itself says under the on/off button: “Turning off apps may help preserve battery life.” 

You can choose to only use it when connected to Wi-Fi or choose on/off for each app. Naturally, the more apps you leave it on for, the more it will eat up your battery life. 

Turn Off Wi-Fi, AirDrop or Bluetooth when not in use

If you’re not using features like Wi-Fi, AirDrop or Bluetooth, it’s better to switch these off to save on battery. Otherwise, they’ll be running in the background and will drain out the necessary juice from your iPhone. 

The easiest way to turn off these wireless services is by going into the Control Centre. You can also use Airplane Mode to switch off these features, but then you won’t receive calls or texts.  

Go to Settings and you’ll find all these features on the top to disable. But remember to put these on again whenever you need them.  

Apple iPhone Settings to reduce battery drain

Manage and lock your iPhone Screen

Make sure that you lock your screen so that you don’t lose any of that battery juice. You can still receive calls and texts but you won’t accidentally pocket-dial someone, which would be embarrassing. Lock your Apple smartphone by going to Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. 

Plus, with iPhone widgets, your battery drains even quicker, no matter how pretty they look. Try to stay away from more complex widgets so they’re not hogging your battery. 

Stop summoning Siri

Siri is a very handy feature on your Apple iPhone but it also means that your device is always waiting to be summoned. By turning off active listening, you could save some battery. 

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for > Off. After disabling the Hey Siri or Siri, you can choose to keep the Press Side Button enabled if you want. 

Apple iPhone Siri

Control your notifications

Every time you receive a notification, your phone screen lights up, using more power. This can be anything from news to an iMessage or a social media notification. But some can be spammy like food delivery notifications or new shopping offers or deals. 

By cutting down on these kinds of notifications, you can massively reduce your battery usage. 

To do this, open Settings > Notifications and decide which apps you want to get notifications for. 

You can also choose to not get notifications at particular times if you’re working or sleeping. Make use of the Focus feature in Settings > Focus. You can choose to have Do Not Disturb on if you want. 

Another thing you can do is have a clump of notifications come at once rather than filtering through all day. 

This is called Scheduled Summary, which is especially handy for news updates. You can choose to have these come together once in the morning, evening or whenever you like. 

Avoid using too many power-hungry apps

Having power-hungry apps on your iPhone will make it harder to prevent your battery from degrading. Make sure that when you use apps like YouTube or games, you’re plugged into a power source or have enough charge. 

But those aren’t the only ones. Apps like Photoshop, having dynamic wallpaper or multitasking can also drain your battery real quick. A good thing to do is close the app once you’re done using it. 

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Check iPhone battery health

Track the overall health of your iPhone battery to learn how much it has degraded over time. Maximum Capacity should ideally be 100% but anything under 80% may need replacing. 

Your iPhone will tell you your phone’s battery status under Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability. To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging.

It’s a good option to keep Optimised Battery Charging on to reduce battery ageing or overworking. 

Your phone will delay charging past 80% until you need a fully charged phone again. But to charge your phone faster, you can disable this feature. 

Carry a power bank wherever you go

It’s always useful to carry a power bank around if you’re travelling or going to work. Your phone charges as you go and it also prevents it from shutting down in emergencies or sticky situations. 

Plus, it’s easier than carrying your iPhone charger everywhere or in cases where you can’t find a plug. 

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