Cheapest supermarket Christmas dinner 2023: food prices comparison

A man puts a turkey in an oven for his Christmas dinner (image: Getty Images)

We are just days away from Christmas 2023. Here’s how the supermarkets compare when it comes to Christmas dinner.

With the festive season in full swing, you may well be buying your last presents. Be sure to read our 10 easy Christmas saving tips before hitting the high street this month. We also have guides on how to save money on your groceries and how best to exploit supermarket loyalty cards.

The cost of living crisis is likely to loom large over people in the UK yet again this year. YouGov polling commissioned by debt charity StepChange has found 34% of households with children will struggle to afford Christmas this year.

If your budget’s likely to be stretched or you’re just keen to find easy ways to save wherever you can, you may be wondering how you can get hold of a Christmas dinner for less this year. For those who are getting their turkey and all the trimmings delivered, we’ve also put together tips on how to save money on your online food shopping.

So, when it comes to Christmas dinner this year, which supermarket comes in the cheapest? Look After My Bills has compared the prices of the ranges available across the country’s largest retailers. Do note the prices listed below are online prices – though instore prices are usually similar – and were correct at the time of writing. We will be updating this page regularly.

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How have we decided which supermarket is the cheapest?

Supermarkets often advertise Christmas dinner deals at this time of year. However, their offers tend to sub out some of the classics to keep prices low. For example, you may find stuffing and cranberry sauce are not included, while frozen peas might replace parsnips.

That’s not to slate these deals, which can offer good value for money. But, you may be able to get all the trimmings for a similar price. As we get closer and closer to Christmas, you may also find discounts – particularly those on vegetables – get bigger and bigger.

For this analysis, we’ve taken a ‘standard’ two-course Christmas dinner to contain the following items:

There was a contentious office debate about whether Yorkshire puddings belong on the Christmas dinner plate. We’ve opted to leave them out given the lack of consensus among the team. For an added bit of Christmassy joy, we’ve included crackers.

We’ve taken our festive shopping list and searched for it across the five biggest UK supermarkets’ websites: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi and Morrisons. Given its lack of online presence, Lidl has not been included in this comparison. Online prices are generally indicative of overall prices, so this should give you a decent idea of where’s cheapest if you’re shopping in stores. Prices may differ slightly in-store, particularly if items get reduced as they approach their use-by date.

The products we’ve selected should, when combined, feed a family of four. Retailers usually offer similar products in different pack weights, so we’ve tried to go for items that are as close to like-for-like as possible. In some cases, supermarkets offer smaller pack sizes better-suited to a table of four that are also cheaper. We have included these where possible.

It should also be noted that we’ve based our assessment on the cheapest online shelf prices on offer at the given time. While the items below have come out on top based on this metric, they may not offer best value for money. For example, turkey crowns are often cheaper than whole turkeys, but a whole bird will deliver several more portions.

Cheapest Christmas dinner supermarket comparison

Here’s a category-by-category comparison showing the cheapest Christmas items on offer in each of the major UK supermarkets. We’ve linked to all the relevant products for your ease (prices correct as of 19 December 2023):

Christmas Turkey

Roast turkey on a beautiful Christmas table
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Butter Basted Frozen Turkey Breast Joint 780g £7 (£8.97/kg)
Sainsbury's Bernard Matthews Stock Basted Frozen Turkey Breast Joint 800g £7* (£8.40/kg)
Asda ASDA Butter Basted Turkey Breast Joint (frozen) 780g £8.50 (£10.90/kg)
Aldi Ashfields Stuffed British Turkey Thigh Joint (freezable) 850g £11.99 (£14.11/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Turkey Breast Joint (freezable) 600g £10.99 (£18.30/kg)

*Nectar price

Winner: Tesco & Sainsbury’s


Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Finest Sage & Red Onion Stuffing 130g £2 (£15.38/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix 85g 40p (£4.71/kg)
Asda JUST ESSENTIALS by ASDA Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix 85g 30p (£3.53/kg)
Aldi Quixo Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix 170g 45p (£2.70/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix 170g 49p (£2.88/kg)

Winner: Asda

Pigs in Blankets

Christmas, celebration food, garnish selection, pigs in blankets, cranberries, rosemary
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco 12 Pigs In Blankets (frozen) 240g £3 (£12.50/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Butcher's Choice British Pork & British Bacon Pigs In Blankets (freezeable) 260g £2.50* (£9.62/kg)
Asda ASDA Party 12 Pigs in Blankets (frozen) 300g £2.25 (£7.49/kg)
Aldi Let's Party Pigs In Blankets (frozen) 240g £1.49 (£6.21/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons 12 Pigs In Blankets (freezeable) 210g £2.50 (£11.90/kg)

*Nectar Card price

Winner: Aldi

Brussels Sprouts

Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Brussels Sprouts (chilled) 500g 15p* (£0.30/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Brussels Sprouts (chilled) 500g 19p* (£0.38/kg)
Asda ASDA Frozen for Freshness Brussels Sprouts 1kg £1 (£1/kg)
Aldi Nature's Pick Brussels Sprouts (chilled) 500g 15p (£0.30/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Brussels Sprouts (chilled) 500g 50p* (£1/kg)

*Clubcard, More Card and Nectar Card price

Winner: Tesco & Aldi


Roast potatoes on baking tray, Christmas food
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco All Rounder Potatoes 2kg 15p* (£0.30/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's British White Potatoes 2kg 15p* (£0.30/kg)
Asda JUST ESSENTIALS by ASDA White Potatoes 2.5kg £1.29 (£0.52/kg)
Aldi Nature's Pick Baking Potatoes 2kg 15p (£0.30/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons The Best White Potatoes 2kg £1 (£0.50/kg)

*Clubcard and Nectar price

Winner: Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Aldi


Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Parsnips 500g 15p* (£0.30/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury’s Parsnips 500g 19p* (£0.38/kg)
Asda ASDA Loose Parsnips 500g 19p (£0.38/kg)
Aldi Everyday Essentials Parsnips 500g 15p (£0.30/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Wonky Parsnips 500g 50p* (£1/kg)

*Clubcard price, More card and Nectar price

Winner: Tesco & Aldi


Roasted carrots in roasting tin, seasonal christmas food
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Carrots Loose 500g 30p (60p/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury’s Carrots Loose 500g 30p (60p/kg)
Asda ASDA Crunchy & Sweet Carrots 500g 35p (70p/kg)
Aldi Nature's Pick Carrots 500g 33p (66p/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Carrots 500g 40p (80p/kg)

Winner: Tesco & Sainsbury’s

Gravy Granules

Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Stockwell & Co Gravy Granules 200g 50p (£2.50/kg)
Sainsbury's Goldenfry Original Gravy Granules Onion 300g £1* (£3.33/kg)
Asda JUST ESSENTIALS by ASDA Gravy Granules 200g 45p (£2.25/kg)
Aldi Quixo Gravy Granules 300g £1.09 (£3.60/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Gravy Granules 200g 99p (£4.95/kg)

*Nectar Card price

Winner: Asda

Cranberry Sauce

Festive food styling, flat lay table top image of homemade cranberry sauce in glass jar with label, wooden spoon and cranberries.
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Ocean Spray Smooth Cranberry Sauce 250g £1* (£4/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Cranberry Sauce 250ml 69p (£2.80/cl)
Asda ASDA Cranberry Sauce 200g 69p (£3.45/kg)
Aldi Bramwells Cranberry Sauce 200g 55p (£2.80/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Cranberry Sauce 200g 59p (£2.95/kg)

*Clubcard price

Winner: Aldi

Bread Sauce

Pot of bread sauce on table decorated for Christmas
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Schwartz Luxury Bread Sauce 40g 95p (£23.80/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Bread Sauce Mix, Inspired to Cook 40g 60p (£15/kg)
Asda Colman's Bread Sauce Mix (ambient) 40g £1 (£25/kg)
Aldi Specially Selected Bread Sauce (chilled) 300g £1.99 (£6.60/kg)
Morrisons Colman's Bread Sauce Pouch (ambient) 40g £1 (£25/kg)

Winner: Sainsbury’s

Christmas Pudding

Black forest christmas pudding
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Christmas Pudding 400g £2.50* (£6.25/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Christmas Pudding 400g £3 (£7.50/kg)
Asda JUST ESSENTIALS by ASDA Christmas Pudding 400g £2.25 (£5.62/kg)
Aldi Holly Lane 6 Month Matured Christmas Pudding 400g £1.85 (£4.60/kg)
Morrisons Morrisons Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding 400g £2 (£5/kg)

*Tesco Clubcard price

Winner: Aldi

Brandy Sauce

Plate with Christmas pudding and custard
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Brandy Sauce (chilled) 500ml £2.25 (£4.50/kg)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Brandy Sauce (chilled) 500g £2.50 (£5/kg)
Asda Bird’s Brandy Flavour Sauce 465g £2 (£4.30/kg)
Aldi Cowbelle Brandy Sauce (chilled) 500g £1.49 (£3/kg)
Morrisons Bird's Brandy Sauce (ambient) 465g £2 (£4.30/kg)

Winner: Aldi

Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers laying on table.
Supermarket Product name Size Online Price
Tesco Tesco Recyclable Crackers 8-pack £5 (62p/cracker)
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Home Novelty Christmas Crackers Santa 6-pack £3 (67p/cracker
Asda George Home Mini Christmas Crackers 6-pack £4 (67p/cracker)
Aldi Perfect Christmas Christmas crackers 12-pack £3.49 (29p/cracker)
Morrisons Morrisons Family Crackers 12-pack £4 (33p/cracker)

Winner: Sainsbury’s

Overall supermarket rankings:

Supermarket rank (last week's rank) Total cost of Christmas dinner (£) Change since last week
1 (1) Sainsbury's £21.52 -£3.06
2 (2) Asda £24.27 -£0.41
3 (3) Tesco £24.95 -£0.21
4 (4) Aldi £25.17 -£2.54
5 (5) Morrisons £26.96 -£0.84