Netflix drops ‘basic’ membership: what it means for you

This article hasn’t been updated in a while, but you can still find out how to get Netflix for cheaper. If you’re looking for alternatives, have a look at our best streaming services guide. 

Netflix has dropped its ‘basic’ price plan, its cheapest ad-free membership option.

The basic membership cost £6.99 a month, and allowed subscribers to watch Netflix content in high definition (HD). There were limits in place for viewers though, as you would only be able to watch on one device at a time, making it less appropriate for families with multiple Netflix users.

The move comes after Netflix cracked down on the sharing of passwords, a decision which it said has helped boost overall subscriber numbers.

So what does the removal of the basic tier mean for existing members? And which tiers offer better value for Netflix subscribers?

Removing the Netflix basic membership

The basic tier of Netflix membership has now been removed for all new Netflix subscribers. It has also been dropped as an option for existing Netflix subscribers to switch to if they want to adapt their membership.

However, on the positive side it hasn’t been abandoned completely. 

If you are an existing member at the basic tier, then nothing is changing. You can continue to pay £6.99 for your Netflix usage, as usual, until you opt to cancel your membership or switch to a different membership tier

Getting cheaper Netflix with ads

Last year Netflix launched a new budget-friendly membership tier, offering cheaper viewing but with the downside that your film and TV choices will be interrupted by adverts.

The Netflix ‘standard with ads’ package costs £4.99 per month. 

According to Netflix, the adverts are 15 to 30 seconds long each and per hour of viewing, there will be four to five minutes worth of adverts. The adverts will show at the start of shows and films and whilst streaming. 

With the ‘standard with ads’ package, you cannot download anything you watch, so when you’re not connected to wifi, you will have to stream on mobile data which tends to be not as good in quality. 

To sign up for the basic plan you can visit and register with the following: email, date of birth, and gender. 

Your other Netflix membership options

There are two other more costly membership tiers to consider when subscribing with Netflix.

The standard package will set you back £10.99 per month, and allows you to use two devices simultaneously. You also get to watch in full HD.

Finally there’s the premium membership. It costs £15.99 each month, with viewing in ultra HD. What’s more you can watch on four devices at the same time.

Other ways to save on Netflix and streaming services 

If you’ve been bitten by Netflix dropping its basic plan, here are a few ways to save on Netflix and other streaming services. 

Are you a Sky customer? If you’re a Sky TV customer, you can get Netlifx at a discounted price. For example, opt for Sky’s ‘make your own’ package from £26 per month under an 18-month contract and pay only £4 a month for a standard Netflix subscription. 

Go for an annual plan. For most streaming services, paying annually can save you money rather than paying monthly. 

  • Paying annually for Amazon Prime would save you £12.88

  • Paying annually for Disney Plus would save you £15.98

This would only be beneficial if you know you will be streaming for at least a year. 

Opt for a different streaming service. Other streaming services might offer better deals and discounts to help you save money, compared to Netflix. For example, Samsung Galaxy offers 12 months free of Disney Plus when you opt for a 6-month or 12-month contract. That’s a saving of nearly £100. If you have a Lloyds Club Silver Account, that also includes 12 months free of Disney Plus as one of their ‘lifestyle perks’. 

Check what your mobile provider offers. Most big mobile providers offer discounts on streaming subscriptions on their rewards app. Here’s what’s around right now: 

  • Get 3 months free of Apple TV with Tesco Mobile when you buy any new iPhone

  • Three Mobile customers can get 3 months free of Apple TV Plus