Energy bill freeze explained


There is now a plan from government to tackle the spiralling energy crisis – we explain what it means for your bills.

Energy bill freeze: how will it work?
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The government’s plan to tackle sky-high energy bills has been announced. What does it mean for you if your on default, fix-rate or pre-payment tariff?
The Money Edit explains how the energy bill freeze will work

Will you gain or lose from the energy bill freeze? - expert analysis
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Will you gain or lose from the new energy price cap being brought in. Our experts have crunched the numbers so you know where you stand.
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The £400 energy grant: who will get it and is it in addition to the energy freeze announced today?
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The government has let energy suppliers decide how to give out the money – for example whether to deduct it from your Direct Debit payments or refund the amount to your bank account. More energy firms have now confirmed to us how the rebate will be paid.
The Money Edit reveals how your energy firm will pay your £400 rebate