Ditch your fixed energy tariff? | Netflix hack | last chance to save on Amazon Prime

With the latest news on the energy price freeze, what does it mean for you if you’re on a fixed rate tariff? And if you’re a Netflix user, we have a hack that could save you money. That, plus the last chance to save on Amazon Prime.
Should you ditch your fixed energy deal following the price freeze?
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With Truss’s new energy price guarantee coming in next month, which will see average energy bills fixed at £2,500 (based on typical use), should you ditch your fixed energy tariff?
The Money Edit answers what will happen if you are on a fixed rate energy tariff.
The £400 energy grant: who will get it and is it in addition to the energy freeze which kicks in next month?
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The government has let energy suppliers decide how to give out the money – for example whether to deduct it from your Direct Debit payments or refund the amount to your bank account. More energy firms have now confirmed to us how the rebate will be paid.
The Money Edit reveals how your energy firm will pay your £400 rebate
Get up to 25 months' interest free on credit card borrowing
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A 0% interest purchase credit card is ideal for big purchases and helps you spread the cost over some months with no added interest to pay.
As long as you keep up with the minimum repayments, do not miss any payments and are only borrowing sensibly for the things you need, then a 0% purchase credit card can save you £100s in interest costs. And remember, once the 0% period ends, the rate will jump to the APR at the time.
We’ve listed some of the top 0% purchase credit cards below but it’s best to use the credit card eligibility checker from our sister brand GoCompare first, to see if you’re likely to qualify for them – just select ‘0% interest on new purchases’ option from the drop down menu to see what you will be accepted for and how many months at 0% interest you could be eligible for. All the links below go to GoCompare’s eligibility checker unless otherwise stated.

The longest 0% purchase credit card
Barclaycard | Up to 25 months 0% | 22.9% APR after 0% period.
This is the longest period available right now, but what you get will depend on your circumstances – you could get less than the advertised rate.
Check to see if you can get the Barclaycard credit card via GoCompare’s eligibility checker now.

The longest 0% card with a definite 0% period
M&S Bank | 24 months 0% | M&S points on spending | 21.9% APR after 0% period
Unlike the Barclaycard deal above, if you are accepted for this credit card, you will get the 24 months advertised.
Check to see if you can get the M&S Bank card via GoCompare’s eligibility checker now or apply directly to M&S Bank *.

See The Money Edit’s latest deals on 0% purchase credit cards.

Look After My Bills has partnered with GoCompare to help you compare lenders and credit cards to find the right deal for you on its website.

*When you sign up via this link, we may earn an affiliate commission from this deal.
Last chance to beat the Amazon Prime price hike
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The internet retailer is about to hike prices in the UK for the first time since 2014, due to higher operating costs and inflation. If you want to save yourself from higher prices, you only have days left to take action.
See The Money Edit’s how to beat the Amazon Prime price hike.
Can you save £130 on Netflix with this easy money-saving trick?
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If money is tight and you’re thinking about cancelling your Netflix subscription, you might not have to if you can take advantage of this £130 saving.
The Money Edit reveals an easy way to save £130 on your Netflix subscription

This delivery text scam is everywhere right now - how to spot it
We’ve been inundated with reports of this delivery text scam – and we’ve got plenty of examples so you know what it looks like and how to avoid it.
The Money Edit explains how can you tell if the message is genuine or the latest scam.
Where in the UK have house prices grown the most, and least?
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The latest house prices data reveals which parts of the UK will cost you more to buy than compared to a year ago.
The Money Edit reveals the areas with the fastest and slowest rising house prices in the UK
New alternative to Premium Bonds with £10,000 monthly prize draw - is it worth it?
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Savings app Chip unveils easy-access account with prizes ranging from £10 to £10,000, calling it an innovative alternative to Premium Bonds – is it worth it?
The Money Edit takes a first look at Chip’s new prize draw savings account