Tax cuts | stamp duty | energy bills – what today’s mini budget means for you


Our experts have been analysing the nuts and bolts of todays mini budget to see what it means for the pounds in your pocket.
At a glance: what was announced in the mini budget, and what it means for you
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The government has branded its budget as a ‘growth plan’, promising tax cuts and prioritising growth but what was announced and what does it mean for you?
The Money Edit explains what was announced and what it means for your household budget
What the income tax changes mean for your pay
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The basic rate of income tax is to be cut while the additional rate is being abolished. We explain when it changes and what it will mean for your take home pay
The Money edit explains what the income tax cuts mean for your pay
Stamp duty cut from today - use our calculator to figure out how much your new bill could be
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If you’re buying a house, the stamp duty is a significant cost to consider. We look at the latest stamp duty threshold announced by the chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, on 23 September in his ‘mini-budget’ to help you work out how much it will cost you to buy your next home.
The Money Edit explains how stamp duty works and helps you work out your stamp duty tax bill
When will the National Insurance increase be reversed and what does it mean for your pay?
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The Treasury said almost 28 million people will be affected by the changes to National Insurance when they come into force.
The Money edit explains how National Insurance is changing and what it means for your pay

Will I still get the £400 discount? What is the new unit rate?- Your Energy Price Guarantee questions answered.
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How the Energy Price Guarantee works, what it means for your monthly bills and how it could all be paid for. We answer your questions and more.
The Money Edit answers your questions about the energy price guarantee
1.3 million households eligible for the Universal Credit aren't claiming it but rules set to be tightened plus more help for over 50s
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The government is planning to make significant changes to Universal Credit with stricter penalties and more support on offer for the long term unemployed and over 50s.
The Money Edit reveals what the mini budget means for universal credit

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