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Is the pound in crisis and what does it mean for you? What do recently announced tax cuts mean for your take home pay? Today we help you get to the bottom of these questions, bag better savings returns and get £5 off your next MOT. Plus an important warning to dig out your old paper £20 and £50 notes.
Find out your future take home pay with our freshly updated income tax and NI calculator
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Work out exactly how much Income tax and National Insurance you will pay from this financial year and next financial year after the governments’ mini budget made several changes.
Use The Money Edit’s take home pay calculator to find out what the tax cuts mean for you
NS&I change premium bond odds - what it means for your chances of winning
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NS&I has changed its premium bond prize rate for the second time in six months. Here’s what it means for your chances of winning a tax-free cash prize of up to £1million.
The Money Edit reveals what the latest premium bond changes mean for your chances of winning
From fuel costs and mortgages to supermarket shops and pensions - eight ways a plunging pound will hit you in the pocket and what you can do about it
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The pound fell to an all-time low against the dollar earlier this week. We explain how a weak pound can affect your money in a number of ways and what you can do about it.
The Money Edit explains how the plunging pound affects you – and what you can do about it
Mortgage mayhem as several banks and building societies  pull deals - what is going on?
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Uncertainty around the cost of borrowing has led banks to start pulling mortgage deals with 100s fewer deals available today compared to last Friday.
The Money Edit explains why deals are disappearing and what it means for your mortgage payments.

Top savings returns surge past 4%, The Money Edit gives you todays best paying saving accounts
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The best savings accounts are paying out some of the highest rates of interest in almost a decade. Now is a good time to review where you could be getting better returns for your money.

Here are the top paying savings accounts The Money Edit team has found today (links take you to The Money Edit website):

Head over to The Money Edit’s regularly updated guide to the best paying savings accounts to get your cash working harder for you.
LAST CHANCE: Why you need to check your purse or wallet for paper £20 and £50 bank notes
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Time is rapidly running out to spend or bank old style paper £20 and £50 notes. Soon, they will no longer have a legal tender status – so we explain what you need to do to cash in.
The Money Edit explains what to do as time is running out to spend paper £20 and £50 bank notes

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Shave £5 off your next MOT – which will normally set you back £54.85 for a typical family car – with this exclusive discount code.
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Get £175 by switching current accounts | Plus more money-making switching offers
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Get free cash by simply moving current accounts – plus, you can still take advantage of double cashback on your energy bills with one of the best switching offers we’ve seen in a while.
The Money Edit shares the best current account switching deals
In case you missed it… At a glance: what was announced in the mini budget, and what it means for you
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The government has branded its budget as a ‘growth plan’, promising tax cuts and prioritising growth but what was announced and what does it mean for you?
The Money Edit explains what was announced and what it means for your household budget