Energy bills can cost over £2,500 | meter reading day – what you need to do and when


Our experts explain the truth behind the energy price cap coming into force this weekend and what it really means for your bills and how to avoid getting overcharged. Plus what the meltdown in market confidence means in real terms for your money and to counter all the doom and gloom we’ve bagged you an exclusive £20 off at Simply Be thanks to our friends and My Voucher Codes.
Energy prices rise on Saturday: why the new price cap is not £2,500, plus your essential money-saving checklist
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Energy prices are not being capped at £2,500, the truth is less straightforward but it is essential you understand how the new limit works. 
The Money Edit explains why the new energy cap is not £2,500
Energy meter reading day is here, avoid getting overcharged for your energy - what you need to do and when you need to do it.
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With the upcoming increase in the unit price of both gas and electricity almost upon us, take these steps to avoid a dispute over what you used before or after prices rise.
The Money Edit reveals how to avoid getting overcharged when the energy price guarantee kicks in
Premium Bond alternatives - are the other prize giving accounts worth it?
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If you have savings in Premium Bonds, then your chances of winning a prize were increased this week, but it isn’t the only savings account that offers the chance to win a little extra money each month.
The Money Edit reveals the savings accounts that offer the chance to win a prize.

Best fibre broadband deals, perks and packages available this week | Including free broadband until January
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If your broadband deal is coming to an end or if you’re one of 7 million households in the UK out of contract you could be paying less for your internet connection and bag some brilliant perks at the same time.

We’ve found some of the best value fast fibre broadband deals on the market right now thanks to our friends at Go.Compare – sorted from cheapest per month to the most expensive over the lifetime of the contract – but bear in mind each deal comes with different perks and speeds that could better fit your needs.

All links take you to the provider’s website where you can check availability of the deal in your area before deciding to go ahead or not. All deals need a landline or wired connection unless otherwise stated.

Three 5G Hub | 100-200mb | £10 per month for first six months then £20 | 24 month contract | Uses 5G signal | No landline. No engineer* (Important: only consider this deal if there is good 5G coverage in your home becaused the Three 5G hub uses mobile signal instead of a wired connection.)

Shell Energy | 67mb | free until January 2023 and then £23.99 for 18 months | Plus fuel savings with the Shell Go+ reward scheme* (This deal works out costing you £21.59 per month if you take out a contract before the end of October, when you factor in the free months.)

Vodafone Superfast 2 | 67mb | £22 per month | 24 month contract | Existing Vodafone mobile customers can save even more*

Sky Broadband Superfast | 59mb | £23 per month | 18 month contract | £75 gift card | Deal ends midnight 29 September*

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband | 108mb | £26 per month | 18 month contract | Free installation*

Don’t pay more than you have to without compromising on your connection. If fast fibre isn’t for you or you’re after a cheaper but slower connection find out more with The Money Edit’s best broadband deals.

*When you sign up via this link, we may earn an affiliate commission from this deal.
Filing a tax return for the first time? Don’t miss this October deadline
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About 600,000 people are expected to register for self-assessment and complete their first tax return for the 2021-22 tax year. But there is an essential deadline coming up.
The Money Edit shares the tax return deadline you need to know.
Financial markets chaos – what it means for you
Financial markets chaos - what it means for you
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The pound fell to an all-time low against the dollar earlier this week sparking a frenzied response from markets – hitting mortgages, pensions and investments. Here we explain what it means for you in real terms.

Is your pension safe? The Money Edit explains what the market turmoil means for your retirement savings. 

What is going to happen to house prices? UK house prices aren’t immune to the impact of mortgage deals being pulled and re-priced plus rising interest rates. Are house prices set to fall? The Money Edit asks the experts.

Mortgage market chaos The Money Edit explains what it means for remortgaging and first time buyers and when deals could be available again.

Can a mortgage offer be withdrawn? GoodtoKnow gets to the bottom of a question front of mind for many people in the process of buying a home

In case you missed it… LAST CHANCE: Why you need to check your purse or wallet for paper £20 and £50 bank notes as shops will soon stop taking them
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Time is rapidly running out to spend or bank old style paper £20 and £50 notes. Soon, they will no longer have a legal tender status – so we explain what you need to do to cash in.
The Money Edit explains what to do as time is running out to spend paper £20 and £50 bank notes