Save £25 on energy bills | Bill savings with National Meter Reading Day | £70 reward broadband deal ends soon


While we wait to find out if there will be further government support is coming you can fight back against growing energy bills – a couple of simple boiler hacks that could shave up to £25 off your monthly bill. Some brilliant broadband deals can help you keep costs down while staying connected. Plus, there is an essential meter reading date for your diary.
Two simple changes to your boiler's settings that can save up to £300 on your energy bill
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Boiler experts claim you can shave up to £25 per month off your energy bill with two simple tweaks to your boiler’s settings, without it making your house any colder. We explain what to do.
The Money Edit explains the boiler changes you can make to save on your energy bill.
Get this essential meter reading date in your diary to cut money off your energy bill
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Get the date in your diary to submit your meter readings and avoid paying higher prices for the energy you’ve used before the new price cap comes in.
The Money Edit reveals the date you must submit your meter readings to avoid potentially getting overcharged
Vehicle tax and DVLA scam emails: how to stay safe from latest fraud attempts
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These text-based emails designed to perfectly mimic the style of a genuine DVLA communication could end up catching you out before you’ve spotted the signs that all is not as it seems.
The Money Edit reveals how to spot and avoid the latest DVLA scam attempts
Best fibre broadband deals, perks and packages available this week - including a £70 reward card 
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With energy bills going up can you find savings elsewhere? If your broadband deal is coming to an end or if you’re one of 7 million households in the Uk out of contract you might be able pay less for your internet connection and bag some brilliant perks at the same time.

We’ve found some of the best fast fibre broadband deals on the market right now thanks to our friends at GoCompare. All links take you to the provider’s websites where you can check availability of the deal in your area before deciding to go ahead or not.

Don’t pay more than you have without compromising on your connection. Find out more about The Money Edit’s best broadband deals.

*When you sign up via this link, we may earn an affiliate commission from this deal.
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New price cap confirmed, use our calculator to find out how much it will add to your bills
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You can use our energy bill calculator to get a personalised summary of exactly what today’s price cap announcement means for your energy bills this winter.
Use The Money Edit’s energy bill calculator to find out the impact of the new price cap on your energy costs.
The steps you can take if you can't pay your energy bill
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If you’re struggling with rising bills, worried about the new price cap or in debt to your energy supplier – there is some help with energy costs that you can tap into.
The Money Edit shares the steps you can take if you’re struggling with your energy bills
Don't pay twice the price for the same flu jab - save at least £10 or even get it for nothing
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Health is wealth. If you don’t qualify for a free flu jab on the NHS you can pay for one but it’s worth shopping around as you can pay nearly twice the price for the same shot in the arm.
The Money Edit explains how to get free and cheap flu jabs
Revealed: the best and worst price match promises now John Lewis has ditched its pledge
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John Lewis has scrapped its ‘never knowingly undersold’ price promise after nearly a century, but other retailers have their own promises to refund the difference if they’re not the cheapest. We look at how these price pledges can save you money.
The Money Edit reveals the best and worst price match promises

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In case you missed it... Is the 50p in your pocket worth £130?
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Collectors are paying big money for coins that could be in your pocket right now – with one fifty pence piece fetching a small fortune. We reveal the coins that are in demand, and how you can sell them for maximum returns.
The Money Edit reveals the coins in your pocket that could be worth hundreds
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