Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

Our Refer a Friend program allows registered Look After My Bills customers who have been switched by Look After My Bills at least once to earn themselves and their friends a reward each by referring friends to Look After My Bills.


  1. Only signed up members of Look After My Bills (“Referrer”) are eligible to participate in the Refer a Friend program.
  2. To be eligible for the payment the referred member (“Referee”) must have successfully switched their supply via Look After My Bills.
  3. If the Referee cancels their switch with Look After My Bills, this will result in the cancellation of the Referrer’s Reward and the Referee’s Reward.
  4. The Referee must sign up as a member of Look After My Bills via the Referrer’s personalised link, as supplied to them by Look After My Bills. If the same person is introduced by more than one member of Look After My Bills, the reward will be based on the Referrer’s link that first results in registration. Referrals cannot be made by any other means other than via the existing member’s referral link supplied by Look After My Bills.
  5. You cannot refer yourself or an existing Look After My Bills member.
  6. Look After My Bills members are not permitted to impersonate Look After My Bills by using the Look After My Bills domain names or trademarks.
  7. No paid advertising of personal links is allowed across any search engines or social media platforms.
  8. Members who create harmful inbound links to Look After My Bills shall not qualify for the Refer a Friend program. Look After My Bills will request changes from members who are seen to be producing harmful content, and reserves the right to report such activities to search engines to protect Look After My Bills from penalties.


  1. The Referrer and Referee will each receive a Reward when the Referrer and Referee successfully switches their energy supply through Look After My Bills.
  2. The reward value will be shown through marketing activities and will vary by campaign.
  3. In each eligible case, the reward for the Referrer / Referee will be delivered by a method of payment decided by Look After My Bills which could include a gift card, PayPal or other.
  4. Rewards are not transferable and may not be auctioned, traded, bartered or sold.
  5. The Referrer / Referee will be remunerated by Look After My Bills once confirmation has been received from the ‘gaining supplier’ that a successful switch has taken place. Payment will be made following payments being made to us by the supplier.
  6. Only the Referrer / Referee named on the switch application will be eligible to receive the reward. 
  7. In any disputed case the decision of Look After My Bills is final and binding.

Look After My Bills reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time in the event that unforeseen circumstances make this unavoidable. In this situation a notice of withdrawal will be placed on the website.

Look After My Bills reserves the right to amend, withdraw or extend any or all elements of this promotion at any time, without prior notice.